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PHOTO: In a great exhibition, Olympic legends were issued with balloons


The event was also tried by Matej Tóth, Elena Kaliská, Jozef Pribilinec and many other famous sports names.

November 23, 2018 at 6:29 pm TASR

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA. At a broadcast of balloon events between SR Olympic legends and balloons of & # 39; SR, a 7: 7 character was born. The duel was in Sporthal at the University of Dukla in Banská Bystrica in Štiavnice, or nearly 500 pupils of # 39; the primary schools of Banská Bystrica and Žilina.

The exhibition was maintained by the University of Dukla in Banská Bystrica. In addition to the Minister of Defense of the Slovak Republic Petar Gajdoš, the hall was visited by various posts from Slovak sports. Floral and played by the Olympic winners Matej Tóth, Elena Kaliská, Jozef Pribilinec and many other famous sports names. The baseball team consisted of representatives of SR in flies. At the end of the sporting event they got the diploma of the Ministry of Defense to schools and got their floor bar sticks of & # 39; e TV JOJ Foundation.

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The Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic wants the importance of # Students and pupils in sports and health, these are a prerequisite for the work of professional soldiers. As a result, she joined the TV JOJ Foundation in the Floorball SK league. It was started symbolic by an exhibition of a Friday.

"Sports belong to the military profession and the Giro Ballroom gives us a unique chance to bring together soldiers and students together. I believe our soldiers have a desire to fight and camp in youth and the right model for them to become part of our armed forces, "said Defense Minister Peter Gajdoš, actively participating in the assault. At the same time, he added that professional soldiers were competing in a separate category in the "Floorball SK-League" and nothing to halt in their free time, for example through training of pupils in schools in their city.

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"We are very respectful of our cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, and we see that the students are involved in our league league league in SK Liga see positive positions and can see the attractiveness of the military, through the competition We can play a large crowd of students on the balcony, over 100,000 children, because the Olympic Games are fighting against the best Slovakian florist balloons, the importance of sports, movement and healthy living, "said Vladimír Fatik, TV Foundation Administrator, in a press release.

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