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Orange lost 220,000 mobile clients after “deleting packages”. Profits fell only slightly, the internet and TV grew

The cancellation of programs from the older portfolio resulted in a large decrease in the number of clients. Less about finances.

Orange published its financial results for 2020 and announced the loss to up to 223,000 mobile customers. He did well in steady service.

“The year 2020 was marked by a significant expansion of the availability of our services. Due to the availability of services and attractive offers, we have successfully managed to gain new customers from fixed internet, TV services and convergent services,” he said. Orange director Federico Colom.

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Record loss of clients

Orange has long been the largest mobile player in our market. But he lost up to eight percent of all clients by the end of the year. This means a reduction of the customer base of 2,775,000 up to 2,552,000 customers, That he lost 223,000 clients.

Operator last year migrating clients to new fixed rates and clearing the base of unused flat rates, thus justifying a significant decline. “It is cleaning up the portfolio of voice facilities and disabling so-called sleeping flat rates that is behind the 8 percent reduction in the number of mobile customers,” the company said.

Number of clients with flat rate decreased by 288 thousand to 1.942 million and the number of people with a prepaid card reduced by 34-thousand at 345-thousand, In terms of number transport, more than 7,000 clients left Orange in a year – more in a separate article,

They only grew customers with M2M services – year-on-year by 98-thousand to 264-thousand, The provider changed the methodology to take into account reporting with the rest of the market. These are cards designed for communication between devices. In general, operators have a lower average monthly return per card than normal customers.

The internet and TV are growing

Orange claimed he managed to win in 2020 50,000 customers with fixed internet (optics, DSL and fixed LTE). Late last year she it was 250 thousand,

It also increased by 24,000 subscribers television service, Of the 108 thousand to 132 thousand clients, Earlier this month the operator stopped selling satellite TV, The combination of fixed and mobile services (Love package) has 118,000 people from the provider, which means an increase of 40 percent per year.

Orange cancels satellite TV.
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Network investments

Orange states that year-on-year increase in data traffic was at the level of 35 percent, More than 82 percent of the total volume (43.81 million gigabytes) was transferred to the 4G network, an increase of 52 per year over the year.

4G network she is available for 99 percent of the population – a total of 141 cities and 2,196 municipalities. 4G + network with a theoretical speed of up to 300 Mbit / s is already for 53 percent of the population.

Revenue fell by 15 million euros

Orange Slovakia had in 2020 total revenue level EUR 541 million in accordance with IFRS 15. This represents a year-on-year decrease of EUR 15 million.

Unadjusted profit (EBITDAaL) decreased only slightly – from 198 million to EUR 196 million,

“The decline in total revenue was mainly due to a nearly 6 percent decline in revenue from equipment sales. This was due to lower sales at the points of sale due to the corona crisis. Lower roaming revenue due to the pandemic, as well as lower fees for interconnections between Slovak operators, contributed to the decline in revenue from services, ‘explains Orange.

Orange says it does not refuse to negotiate with partners.
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