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New York City Business Store-icon closes, tradeshow in privacy online economy


For decades, Lord & Taylor is the leader in creating a summer celebration at the famous shopping street in New York City. Thousands of people from around the world see his Christmas fans, and the other stores around him try to look at each other. This Christmas is the last time. Lord & Taylor announced that he left the prominent address in January.

"Since opening a door or a century ago, Lord & Taylor was built on the Fifth Avenue of Manhattan a traditional tradition of sale," wrote The New York Times, which mentions itself with a majestic bow and a bridle on the entrance, this shop was a temple city traffic.

The building was also declared in the New York City monument. Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue was just so famous for his Christmas interpretations.

It started in 1938, when it was not snow snow in New York. Lord & Taylor then sniffed directly into his interpretations and became the pioneer of motion arrangements in interpretations.

"Produced by ABC Amber LIT Converter,, Lord & Taylor finally announced the new anniversary in New York on Friday, the first department store in the city that & # 39; has changed her great interpretation to live, theater festivals, tourists went to the audience to see the magic shrubs, librarian palaces and snowing cities, "reported the AP.

Source: TASR / AP

Lord & Taylor at fifth grade event for a fall in revenue and the need to better adapt to the current trend of selling through the internet. The department on one of the older cities of # 39; the world falls on eleven cities in # 39; the plans.

The store was founded by Cousins, the English Samuel Lord and George Washington Taylor in 1826. At various addresses, it was decided in 1914 for Piatu Avenue. The serve replaced the organ and got 75,000 people.

With the increase in sales capacity through Internet shops and shopping centers in the neighborhood of the country they see the advantage of their home. Many shops have turned around for climbing, cinema and schools. Others are low, The New York Times wrote. Thousands of their shopping centers already have a different giant on Macy's US shopping center already closed. But his main building in Manhattan, not far from Lord & Taylor, is still left behind.

Source: TASR / AP

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