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Malinova's case closed: Kaliňák kneeled


It's been 12 years to the case of Hedviga Malinova (35), which has so far polarized the audience.

The student in 2006, according to her words, killed two men in Nitra and caused her bloody injuries. The police investigated the case and, after two weeks, declared that the case was not done. Malina was subsequently accused of a preliminary witness and ultimately transmitted the case to the authorities surveyed in Hungary. The public ministry has kept the case slowly and can not confirm whether Hedviga is deceiving.

The attack in 'Nitra's Brazilian hail on # 39; Hungarian-speaking Hedvig changed to years of trial, all the horrendous politicians and lords of police and police. The then international minister, Robert Kaliňák, said two weeks after the event that "there is no doubt that the action could not happen". Malina has undergone a large number of hearings or expert opinions.

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Experts who often felt opposing testimony of their condition to the attack – some of their face or ears only wounded after their injuries themselves were changed themselves. "One of my demands that I can only expect heterogeneous solutions, remove the complete case, and who has done that will never be responsible, Hedvig said in the past.

The state has denounced the money for a year in a harsh sentence. Malin moved to Hungary, and the case itself moved to the local authorities. The Hungarian Prosecutor Office, according to Új Szó, has closed it From available information and evidence, it can not be confirmed with time to see whether Malina was the victim of her failure. Her lawyer Roman Kvasnica declares that Hedviga would not be persecuted. "Instead of the court's judgment, the Slovak government closed the investigation in 14 days and then started the procedure.

On one hand she has peace, and after 12 years she is not persecuted for what she has never done, and to # 39; On the other hand, the weather in my mouth due to the failure of the Slovak state, "says Kvasnica, who determines what has happened to him, is also a consequence "The vast intervention of the then-minister-president and Minister of Internal Affairs when things were preceded before the legal condemnation was stopped". Kvasnica considers the case to be closed. "I can not prevent the Slovak authorities after 12 years have started to investigate the two people who had been killed for the day after investigating," he said.

Justice Minister Gábor Gál, Hedvig, who was in the beginning of the case, said he was happy he was closing. "It must be before, but in another way. Hedvige Malinova has woke up, it was the state treatment to investigate, but they did not think the other way, " said Gál.

Case Development

25. 8. 2006 – Hedviga reported the attack on police. Two men had to attack Nitra because they spoke in Hungarian.

11. 9. 2006 – The police has stopped the law, "There is no doubt that the action will not happen."

10. 11. 2006 – The police received a criminal complaint against Hedvige for allegations of false declarations.

14. 5. 2007 – They have the student's statement of an incorrect testimony.

28. 9. 2011 – Government Officers Iveta Radicova have a settlement agreement with Hedwig in the European Court of Justice # 39; man.

20. 12 2013 – Malina accepts Hungarian citizenship.

April 2, 2014 – The General Prosecutor Board has hedged Hedvigu to be offended.

27. 12. 2016 – The General Procurement Commission in Hungary took over the case.

24. 10. 2018 – The court building of court proceedings was prosecuted, there was no evidence that she made her mind.

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Kaliňák: It was enough to tell the truth

How do you expect that, after 12 years, the entire Hedvigo Malinova case has closed and how do you apply your actions in recent years?

– The police and the ministries have the problem just about two weeks. At our press conference was the case for the ministry. No one asked us, no one wanted a solution. A few months later, the court building, without the police, began to deal with their case, deceiving and forgiving a law. The Hungarian Public Prosecutor has established itself so that it can not judge whether it is a criminal law, and there is no other possibility to prove the action was sufficiently sufficient.

Why are you still behind all steps that have been done in the event?

– Yes, of course, there was no new reason to make it different.

It's just your press. Lawyer Kvasnica also said he received the crime.

– That was over and never gone. In all other cases, you never waited for the investigation to get in touch. Kognerje on Kocner about all the questions. We were informed on the basis of & # 39; proof of & # 39; The researcher, who received it publicly described. When Mr. Kvasnica thinks it would be different, he must have sued him. In that case, they have not asked for any legitimate reason to know they have no reason to know that I am just.

Mr. Kvasnica says two wrongdoers have been attacked.

– I had no information. The police have treated all the wrongdoing.

Minister Gál also claims that Malina is not treated as if she had.

– Of course, if her lawyer can have another opinion. The truth is that the study, such as the lame, is now undesirable.

What do you just think of a human point that she has been fined for 12 years, what did she have to live with?

– From my opinion it was clear too long. From the point of & # 39; the share of & # 39; The suspect must end it a year. On the other hand it was enough to tell the truth in that case, and it would be all.

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