Friday , October 22 2021

Lenovo put five new laptops, what will I offer?


Lenovo brings new notebooks to our brand. There is a new generation of flexible devices that will be complexed by a notebook with good performances. We were on a step to make a report of # the site.

News from Lenovo's flexible notebook portfolio came in the Slovak market. With the latest four devices, users can find yoga-convertible notes and the second generation of Yoga Book C930's innovative device. The C930 also has its lightweight – just 799 grams, and can be used as a laptop to work (although fewer needs, only 4GB of RAM), multimedia tablet, booklet or notebook. The device uses the latest Intel Core i5 processor or 256GB SSD.

The 10.8-inch Quad HD display with IPS technology is displayed. An interesting feature of the device is the ability to delete the features of the second display for e-ink technology. You can press the Edit button on a multipurpose dynamic keyboard, an electronic book reader, or digital paper to capture all sketches or inscriptions. For easy-to-use graphical programming and note writing users use the Precision Pen with 4096 levels.

We try to test directly what virtual writing works on the virtual keyboard. This is, of course, other than the classic keyword, we expect a compression, and even if the user is used to type in the virtual keyboard time. In the drawing and notes we have many reserves of features, and this solution can be useful for a larger group of people. Yogaboek C930 is available at a price of 1499 euros.

The Lenovo Yoga S730 is available for users looking for aluminum aluminum pole in a very lightweight design (weighing 1100 grams). The laptop's flexibility increases the 180 ° opening ability. Do not forget the Yoga S730 is available at a price of 1019 euros. The flagship triangle is the flag of Lenovo Yoga C930, which combines the performance in its thin and durable aluminum chassis with a functional and modern design. The handheld camera finds privacy for uninvited visitors.

The performance is enhanced by the latest Intel Core Eight Generation processor, 16GB RAM, and fast PCI SSD. A 13.9-inch screen display with 4K resolution and HDR support is available for viewing. It is complemented by a Dolby Atmos rotating voice bar with the Dolby Atmos speaker system located directly in the rotating knife of the notebook. The advantage is that the icon offers a 100% color display. The built-in styling style is in the uploaded station. Yoga C930 is available at a price of 1499 euros.

Other high-cost laptops are Lenovo ThinkPad P1 and ThinkPad X1 Extreme, with a combination of aluminum, glass and copper fiber. The highest version is offered by the Intel Core i9 processor, 64GB RAM and the NVIDIA GeForce 1050Ti MaxQ graphics card. Increases the presence of all user security features, the fingerprint reader, the TPM, but also the physical coverage of a webcam against all non-interested guests.

The latest device is the Lenovo ThinkPad P1, which can be viewed as a mobile workstation. It is set up with the eighth generation of Intel Xeon and Intel Core processors with overlapping capabilities of up to 4.4 GHz. The 64 GB memory and the NVIDIA Quadro P2000 graphics card. The weight of the apartment stopped at 1,700 grams and 18 mm thick. To integrity, we will say that the ThinkPad P1 has a touchscreen 15.6 "IPS display with 4K resolution, 100% Adobe color gamut speed and 400-color color. Both ThinkPad X1 Extreme and ThinkPad P1 laptops are available for a suggested price for a price of 2499 euros.

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