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La Liga: FC Cadiz – FC Valencia match marked racism

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Valencia footballers came off the field during Sunday’s match of the 29th round of the highest Spanish football competition on the Cadiz field after one of their players claimed he was the victim of racist insults.

The incident took place after half an hour of play at 1: 1, when dark-skinned defender Mouctar Diakhaby accused Cadiz tracker Juan Calu of racist insulting him after a fight. After this, you could see that the players of Valenci were more interested in killing time than scoring more goals. Hugo Guillamon came in to finish the match. The match was finally over and Cadiz won 2: 1.

“We had a meeting and decided to continue the fight to fight for the honor of our club, but we condemn all racism. The player who was the target of the attack wanted his teammates back on the field. . ” introduced the club on social networks and Diakhabymu utere full support.

The departure of the field was preceded by a match between Diakhaby and Cal, which collided in the battle for the ball. An altercation ensued, and the two players received an argument shortly afterwards and had to be separated by their teammates. Diakhaby immediately received a yellow card for the dispute with Cal, which he first tried to avoid, reports the AP. Players from Valencia left the field after talking to the referee.

The match continued after a break of more than 20 minutes. Cala, who scored after 14 minutes in the lead, remained on the field until Marcos Mauro was replaced by Marcos Mauro, the winner of the winning shot from the 88th minute.

FC Sevilla - Atlético Madrid.

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Valenice defender Jose Gaya said that if they did not return to the field, his team would be in danger of losing or losing points. However, he did not say who. “Diakhaby told us he was insulting him and we condemned it. That’s why we left the field, but they told us we had to go back, because if we didn’t, they would take three points and maybe more.

The Diakhaby told us to come back, that we did. He wanted us ready. We would not have done it without his permission. He was angry and could not return. It was a very ugly insult, I will not tell her, “ quoted by the bureau dpa Gayu.

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