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Kaliňák and Počiatka do not investigate. Spirko complains.


The Vasiľ Spirko prosecutor filed a complaint.

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Bratislava. Examiner Robert Kaliňák and Ján Počiatek ze Smeru no longer have to worry about the inconvenience of corruption investigations pointed out by the prosecutors' office of Vasiľ Špirko in March.

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A criminal complaint filed by him regarding the case, the investigator refused.

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Spirko said he did not agree with the resolution. "After analyzing factual and legal conclusions, I complain," Spirko said.

Money of "Jana and Robo"

In the case of large-scale state orders on network components and technologies of 2010 mentioned by Špirko. As a prosecutor, he handled the criminal announcement of a businessman, Ľuboš Varga, who accused Kaliňak Ministry of corruption charges in the summer of 2016.

The € 200 million bribe was for "Jan and Rob".

"The witness – the contractor mentioned the specific company involved in the contract, he explained the involvement of a particular individual and established financial relationships," Špirko said in March.

The main figure in the fraud was Mr. Milan, a close friend of both ministers, and "Wallet", a phone agent. His job was to create a transaction for money.

When Spirko began investigating the case, strange things began to happen. Varga signed and confirmed the minutes, and then objected. He found that Spirko was under pressure from him and his signature was forged. He did not even know what he was signing.

The prosecution later criticized the officials' abuse of power and began watching or listening to him. He even explained that "people who grow and grow big" stand in front of his house.

Files and investigations on corruption charges took him.

The blacksmith wanted to punish him.

When he was able to purify his name, he publicly spoke about the case and at the same time convicted of sabotage, convinced that the incident around Sabotage was not accidental. This announcement has just been discontinued.

Spirko had problems with his performance where he talked about the incident in an instant press. He was disciplined because his boss did not seem to be crying arbitrarily.

Special investigator Dušan Kováčik proposed a financial penalty. The disciplinary committee finally convicted Spica, but the punishment failed to save him.

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