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Human Space Crex's Dragon Crew Capsule in January 2013 |


company SpaceX He has another historical feature for him. It is the beginning of & test and the first flight of & # 39; the capsule Dragon Crew, this is intended for human crew. In future, it needs to serve as a means of transportation for astronauts ISS.

The first test flight in January

The first testflightless dragon flight of Dragon Crew capsule is planned for January 7, which is safer for SpaceX. The earlier tests of a new man-made capsule, the greater the precompetitive Boeing, also its latest steps on & # 39; The CST-100 continues, which not only carry the astronauts to the ISS, but will also provide commercial flights to the bottom of the bottom.

She left the memorial stone

The Dragon Crew Capsule will be transferred over the Falcon 9-jacket to the universe. The pilot bogler will wear Demo-1 or DM-1 in short form. The rocket, in # with the new capsule, will be sent from its symbolic location to its first mission, from # the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, where the Apollo 11 mission began.

SpaceX vs Boeing

We have written at least partial rivalry between SpaceX and Boeing. Both businesses focus on commercial space, the 't as a more effective way of transporting astronauts to the ISS International Space Station. But both companies have a great deal of work for them. No one has ever experienced a lot of problems for an astronauts. The first pair will be SpaceX, but Boeing will not leave much. Boeing is in March 2019 for the first flight of his missile and wants to skip the first human crew in August 2019. SpaceX is somewhat ambitious, and the first astronauts want to get the earthquake in June 2019.

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