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Ford Focus Active Wagon: The new open-air car has received two tracemodi – News – Auto


The new Focus family also grew up with off-road Active Combos. The role does not have two axes, but on unstable surface, higher chassis, plastic body shading, and especially the new traction modes Slippery and Trail.

You can see the public combos on the future by ...

You can find first combinations first
Check out a specific mask, different stacker and
Undiscovered plastic protection of lower lichd parts.


Ford's new focus focus. Unlike other models, it does
market with expressions. And not only the basis, but also
its sportline ST Line, open version Active, Luxury Vignale and
also practical combos. But the portfolio will be even bigger. The Focus Family
The fourth generation will also be the "off-road" active wag. competitor
Skoda Octavia Scout, Seatt Leon ST X-Perience of Volkswagen Golf Alltrack
want to take on SUV ships and win over population. Not even awake.
Every fifth Ford sold in Europe belongs to this class.

The chassis was as 30 mm. It is also ...

Approximately 30 were added to the chassis
mm. It is also the merit of the new 17 or 18 inch grooves
higher professional.
Author: Ford

Focus-active car will already be known Focus Active, Fiest Active and Ford
So + active. The reception is identical. The new car got a higher light tide
chassis. On the front, the 30 and the back 34 mm. It's a bit too much credit
Tire profile on 17 or 18 inch grooves. In the first
Suitcase 215/55 R17 and 215/50 R18. However, adjustments are offered
and the construction of itself. Refined is the geometry, the tuning of the sources and the vapor
or subframe. The good news is that the Combi customers come up
The difference of Focus's basic version is already a standard in & # 39; e standaloneuveling

The focus behind the active member is openly open, ...

The back of the focus opens
electric, even with a foot sensor.
Author: Ford

With unobstructed surfaces, "combosial" combos should be better understood
also by the plastic protection of lower body parts. Fancy
Black and silver elements are found on completely new pumpkins, bows
wings and thresholds. Autonomy also exports as clear black
woven masks, serial sockets, specifically
disc design, active inscriptions and two local screen shades –
White Metropolis White and Orange Orange Gloss. For an extra charge you can
Enjoy a contrasting black roof.

The interior uses light blue decorations. In series ...

The interior is light blue
Decorating. The wheelchair is in line.
Author: Ford

Within a fine, we find a tutorial, a light blue decor on the deck
plates and village panels or anatomical seats with blue thread.
At the same time a practical family model with a suitcase remains in it
You charge your load from 608 to 1,653 liters. It will help you
electrically operated backbone with foot sensor. Infotainment Sync
3 will focus focus on & # 39; ordinary versions and similar to the assistant
systems. Let's also adjust to adaptive brakes that respond to cyclists, adaptive
cruise control with full dredge, fully automatic parking attendant
Adaptive LED lights work with a traffic system reader.

The new traffic modes Slippery and Trail ...

New Vehicle Slippery and
Trail can help with snow, sand or sleep.
Author: Ford

Under the hood is active the weakest stools. Offer this way
starts with 3-cylinder 1.0 EcoBoost (92 kW) and remains with a tough 3-cylinder
1.5 EcoBoost (110 kW). Both engines can be automatically combined with an 8-speed automatic
transfer. Diesels represent the 4-cylinder 1.5 EcoBlue (88 kW) and 2.0 EcoBlue
(110 kW), again with the option of a rotary knob in the middle
tunnel. The standard is a 6-step manual. Powered by both axes
Focus actively combi. Outside of asphalt, however, there are two new traction

Classic Modes Normal, Sport and Eco complement the slippery and trail modes. at first
regulates anti-skid and anti-slip door system
surfaces such as mud, snow and ice, the second use the conductors on exposed surfaces,
especially in sand. Changes in gas or automated operation also occur
transfer. In the field, Focus can be updated by adaptive CCD vapors, those
Ford does not ask the press message. The market must get the news
until the end of this year.

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