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Fior or the famous man you have it. In Kocner Boulevard and Markíza built good

The news about him started writing a while in 2015.

BRATISLAVA. "Saving Mark", people and opposition leaders came just for the parliamentary elections in 1998. The central figure in the visit to dominate the most viewed Slovak television was Marian Kočner.

In those years Markía was also responsible for the role of public television in Slovakia, whose support was officially sponsored by the former Prime Minister Vladimír Mečiar.

Kočner tried to control the strongest medium in Slovakia by paying Gamatex's claims against Markíza Siloš Pohanka via Gamatex.

This was the first known mediapart, when Kocner's name was registered by the general public. In Markíza, however, he has regularly appeared in the Smotanek series several years.

When he was over the beroemde, he also wrote a boulevard in the evening, although his name was already in 2005 on Mafia Lisen and later in 2011.

This occurs from the analysis of & # 39; The Faculty of Mass Media by Private Pan-European University in Bratislava, given by the SME-year.

The analysts Martin Kasard and Anton Szomolányi have rejected how the media has been informed about Kočner since 2006.

Currently Kocner is called as a possible order for the murder of Ján Kuciak and Martina Kušníř, journalist and is persecuted in the case of Margethes Television Fellowship.

In Slovenian media, according to media analyst Tomáš Czwitkovics, the "janosicovsky" leniency has long worked.

"The media had extraordinary space entirely outside the context of their activities by providing them with media and journalists, but as a public," he explains.

Due to their full capacity or bombastic they can intervene, and the media comply with the benefits of future and does not filter the information.

Coincidence in Smotanka would not surprise

In 2013, for example, in the weekly magazine Plus 7, the article titled Z Kočnera is a mannequin, he has closed the tripartite mage.

Read also: Kasarda: According to Jánošík, we see the thief as a thief. This was part of the media to Kočner

At that time, the peninsula was still behind him, where he was a representative of an American company attempting to build a barrier near the city center, or the Saxon case of early 2012.

In it, the audience received an English language message, and later Kocner's video with SaS leader and then the parliament leader Richard Sulik. So they have chosen the election of General Advocates.

For "rich" or "entrepreneur", you can learn tasty, Kocner has many years not only tabloid media but also Markíza and Joj-TV.

From 2014 to March 2016, Kočner appeared in TV Markíza only in Smotanka and the news did not come to his case.

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