Wednesday , October 27 2021

Even Mars is flat. Flat Earth Theory Challenge NASA on Red Planet fans


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One could not even think of a group of people who would not accept a comparable scientific knowledge not a few years ago. We do not talk about groups that clamp the climate vehicle or vaccine, but of course the most awesome of her.

Fans of flat-earth theory For a long time, the famous evidence that our earth has been around, and rather believe the level.

The world's elites, according to their, have been opened centuries ago about how the planet looks, photos of the ISS fake in Photoshop, and when looking at a horizon , he will not see the rounds, but it must be clear that the earth is really flat.

Of course, the earth is not flat, and flat is no other planet in our solar system. However, the voices of frustrating users have started to run on social networks, which have been detected The new InSight trial, after landing on Mars, sent the home of a suspected photo.

Some of the people do not even know that the problem was on Mars and another group of her Mars discovered that a flat planet like our earth. A second photograph of a red planet, it has no round of horizon, served as evidence.

Care, but a great person spoke on Twitter, but Flat Earthers' account was taken from # 39; The new "guaranteed" knowledge of Mars spread with great joy.

The topic of making a new association association Mars Society became the number one the same just a year ago as the flat-front supporters Elon Musk has ordered. He asked why such organization does not exist, and maybe just a little while trying to get to NASA, it's really possible.

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