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Ducati MIG-RR – the fastest motorcycle manufacturer's electric motorcycle


Electric cars are in vogue and know the car manufacturer or the latest motorcycles. After BMW or General Motors Ducati has released the Ducati MIG-RR electric bike.

This bike was created in collaboration with Thok E-bikes, an Italian company specializing in Ducati and electric bicycles. The ergonomic bike frame is made of aluminum and is not the least expensive to accept as a premium brand. Bikes made by Aldo Drudi, designed in collaboration with the Ducati Design Center, look perfect.

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MIG-RR is a mountain enduro bike designed for all terrain. Motorcycle engines are the Shimano Steps E8000 with three levels of support: Eco, Trail and Boost. There is no Power-Walk mode to help you push your bike. The additional function is Shimano E-Tube, which allows you to set the trail mode and boost mode to three positions.

The force is handled by a 504 Wh Shimano battery on the bottom of the frame. You can charge even when the battery is on the bicycle. This frame protrudes further on both sides and does not run out of Kashima Factory Series FOX DPX2. Shimano XT The Shimano XT is made up of 11 different speeds.

The weight of the bicycle is higher than usual for electric bicycles. The weight of the MIGG-RR is 22.5 kg. Bicycles that receive phone support are limited to 25 kilometers per hour.

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If you are interested in Ducati's novelty, we will be pre-ordering from January 2019 to spring 2019. The price is 6,250 euros, which is a big difference compared to competitors. On the other hand, if you always wanted Ducati and you do not have the money on your bike, choose a more environmentally friendly way.

To see the live version of the Ducati MIG-RR, bicycles will be on display at the Ducati stand at the EICMA 2018 exhibition in Milan, Italy from November 8-11.


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