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Direct video from Hockey League Tip: HK Poprad


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14. 11. 2018, 17:00


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Poprad Winter Stadium

statistics :

judge : Štefik, Müllner – Stanzel, Craig.

POP list:

Petrov, Brejčák, Salija, Śavoda, Erving, Karalahti, Fabian – Takac, Mlynarovič, Kundrik – Abdul, Zagrapan, Koyš – Svitana, Heizer, Bondra – Belluš, Paukovcek, Macik

LMI List:

Bators – Bača, Nádasd, Horváth, Nemec, Kurali, Suchý, Košecký, Mezovský – Kriška, Tamas, Žiak – Oško, J. Sukeľ – Nechaj, Ri. Huna, Ró. Huna – Lištiak, Piatka, Uhrík


20:14 min

Kundrik fought the puck behind the shield and moved to the right, but his shot was outside the goal.

20:01 min

2/3 started.

The beginning of the game brought a lot of dynamic hockey and lots of opportunities. He did not think of it. It was quite the same on one side and the other.
Two thirds start at about 17:52.

20:00 minutes

The first third is over.

19:44 min

Kurali sent a puck forward to Nechaja, but he did not get a better chance and Puck went home.

19:20 min

Joona Erving tried it individually. He went into the assault. And Puck handed the blue line to Petran. His handler Juraj Holly managed to scratch it.

18:48 min

After a long time, guests begin a quick counterattack. Uram sends Pat Patrik Osko, who tried it in circles and moved directly to the rash of flexible Vošvrr.

18:10 min

In front of MHK 32, it was pretty hot. First, someone who was picked up in a circle. The home puck came back in front of the goal post, and Takac was moved to Mlynarovič and had more open gates but could not settle.

17:49 min

Hook fought for the puck at the back of Manchester. Soon after, the Mikuláskski hockey players were warming up at the puck. Popradčani read them.

17:14 min

Liptans has already shown some failed attempts to attack. The forbidden release has begun, and we are moving to Holly.

16:33 minutes

Erving was a little hesitant on the blue line. Before the pass, Puck was off his stick, so Kararathti's new teammate had to step down.

15:40 min

Zagrapan did not understand Abdul. They did not particularly agree with Brejcak's panacea. The host was defeated by defender Nádašdi, but sent the puck for a banned release.

15:16 min

Martin Kriška handled the puck on the right side, braked on the home side and pushed the puck to Alex Tamasi between the circles. Tamas had already been in a great position, but the ending of the swing of Vorsvrda was destroyed by a majestic traffic light and fell into a trap.

14:27 min

Paukovec got Macek for the right round from where the attacker Macik wanted to burn immediately. It did not stop at scoring, but the free-kick that followed kicked the ball from the center.

13:53 min

Liptovský Prestige eventually allowed the guests to fire the puck and prevent the home team from scoring until the end of the match.

13:24 min

Takak gave Brejcak a ball that he wanted to make an idiot while turning to Hayesia close to the ball, but it has already been investigated.

12:49 min

Erving was able to work in front of the gate because he waited until there was a team member in front of the target. But the next opportunity was blocked.

12:11 min

Belluš loosely squeaked in front of the goal, Mlynarovič sent the pass immediately, but eventually fled to the middle zone.

11:45 min

Home games. Roger Huna was removed for the first time. It takes two minutes to hang.

11:12 min

The magicians got the Taurus in the band, but they entered the puck. Zagrapan was more prominent in the fight and tried it in the right circle. Holly succeeded.

10:19 minutes

A couple of guests are divided into two to one. Tamasi had the option of selecting a pass for Kriško, but decided to shoot closer from the left-hand circle. Finally, his attempts crossed the door.

09:51 min

Liptans found a vacancy in the attack area, and Lukáš Žiak has now tried it from another location. It was built at a sharp angle but is aimed at Tomáš Vošvrda.

09:22 minutes

Fabian returned the puck for the third time after the midfield championship, but Nicholas started the strike action with Andreja Lištiaka.

08:55 min

The shot from Richard Hunu's right hand was not accurate. She headed to mantinel and eventually escaped the defenses of Chamoa.

08:12 minutes

Brejčák even threw a puck at Abdul's climbing corner on the blue line, but thanks to his strict defense, Liptans took the puck.

07:26 min

Another cool moment on the ice. Liptovs tried it, Jakub Sukeľ pointed to the right and checked Vošvr's trap. The game is a bit tricky and hopefully it will continue even after the ad breaks.

07:05 min

Another man on the other side was seen by Samuel Mlynarovic. He fired in circles but shot his opponent.

06:24 min

Liptans had a good chance. Kriška got speed on the right side and threatened Gošvrda. For a while, the student also climbed to the finish line, but his shooting Vsvrda resisted.

06:06 minutes

Martin Belluš made the pace. He sketched the skull along the left circular axis and finished. Puck aimed directly at Holly, who recommended the puck.

05:37 min

Radomir Heizer left some forgotten in the wingspace, got a good pass from Svitan and shot a circle with Hollyhole. Gólman Liptákov succeeded and the puck was caught relatively easily by the catcher.

05:08 min

Adam Nechaj quickly chipped the ball home from the left, but the ball went wide. Vošvrda's goal came out from the right.

04:18 min

Joe did not score a pass on the side. Puck came to Manchester from his stick. Mare Uram is closer to him but can not use this little hesitation anymore.

03:33 minutes

Gólman Vošvrda needs to be aware of the unfortunate incident at Tomas Nadasdi's midfield stick. He did it, and the puck fell off.

03:14 min

On Friday, Puck came into the right wing area and looked for Michal Uhrík, but eventually he did not release him in the right space.

02:46 minutes

We both got on ice today. So every player tried Derby Ice today. So far, the goalkeeper has no big problems.

02:16 min

Right after Bond left, he moved to Patrick Svittan, who skillfully pushed the puck close to Holle, but in a good position he did not surprise him.

01:47 min

Svitana pushed the goalkeeper goalkeeper Holly past the mantinelli. But after that, the Mikuláskský goalkeeper covered his puck and shook his eyes.

01:07 min

Patrik Oško He eventually came to an end, but at last the puck fell and Ulam still won for a while but he did not succeed.

00:37 min

Mlynarovič did not move from the midfield to attack, and the puck went back to Salija. Salija is waiting for a new team member.

00:07 minutes

The Poprad hockey players threw it for the first time, Kundrik buzzed the puck and gently checked Holly out of Holly.

00:01 min

The meeting just started.

The country of SR awaits us.

Two faces are on the ice surface. Popradčania is traditionally white with blue shirts and guests.


Hong Kong Poprad: Petrov, Brejčák, Salija, Śavoda, Erving, Karalahti, Fabian – Takac, Mlynarovič, Kundrik – Abdul, Zagrapan, Koyš – Svitana, Heizer, Bondra – Belluš, Paukovcek, Macik

MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas: Bators – Bača, Nádasd, Horváth, Nemec, Kurali, Suchý, Košecký, Mezovský – Kriška, Tamas, Žiak – Oško, J. Sukeľ – Nechaj, Ri. Huna, Ró. Huna – Lištiak, Piatka, Uhrík

judge : Štefik, Müllner – Stanzel, Craig.

I wish you a pleasant evening. I am happy to be able to watch the game online in the game. 21 round tips port league, Poprad starts on the ice. Ford Taranche Derby Between Hong Kong Poprad and MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas. The meeting begins. 17:00 His course will be accompanied by Lukáš R. Ovšonka.

Hong Kong Poprad
There were some minor changes in the break-in team during the break. The executive is no longer the Slovenian league goalkeeper Luka Gračnar. He left defender Lukáš Kozák, who moved to Austria and transfers to Karlovy Vary. The leadership immediately responded by defending the Finnish defender, Kenya Keylahti. He worked for Pelicans Lahti in the Finnish competition. After the German Cup Patrik Svitan and David Bondra joined the team again. Bond scored a goal in the opening match against Switzerland, but Svitana did not score but is still the most productive person in Hong Kong's Poprad. Tips In the entire Forty League game table, the score is 41, 59 and 44, making it the third. Before "repre" stopped Poprad in the important game of the home team, he overcame New Zamek 2: 1 and compared the league score to Banská Bystrica. Zvolen's leader Poprad loses nine points.

MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas
The gap between Poprad and the traditional Liptovsky Mikuláš rivals is getting bigger by three, but it is not very good right now. The table occupies 8th place and 29th place 58:61. 7 points in Liptov, 7 points in Detva. Mikuláš lost to Nový Zámek 3-1 in their home game against Zilina 6: 2.
The club's leadership was filled with informative talks with unofficial coach Antonio Tomek and players Michal Uhrík and Miik Heikkil. Fans were very pleased with the club's leadership and the club appreciated their dedication to the club. Finally, the meeting ended in two hours and both sides were satisfied. In the future, they have promised to continue similar activities.

This year we saw a mutual meeting and it was held on October 7 in Poprad ice. The stoner had a fight with Liptákov. 2: 0

I invite you sincerely. Round 21 On our website I want a good sports experience.

Welcome to online transfer. The meeting will start at 17:00.

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