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Did she opt for naturalness? Plačková is looking forward to a surprising intervention house

A new beauty boom? Zuzana Strausz Plačková will continue it as well. What is it about?

Zuzana Plačková is currently enjoying an Ayurvedic stay in Sri Lanka with her friends. But at the same time she admitted to what she looks forward to most when she gets home …

They seem all too big

As you may have noticed, the famous brunette recently underwent lip augmentation, but the result surprised many when they remained enormously large. She convinced the fans that she was not happy with her and decided to dissolve the hyaluronic acid.

“I’m really looking forward to home. Do you know that ?! That I’ll forgive my lips because they’ve burned. These are probably the biggest lips I’ve ever had, so it needs to be returned.” Although it will not be a complete reduction and return to natural size, she even acknowledged that she overstepped the surgery.

A surprising decision

This decision shocked the well-known businesswoman and influencer several times, as they did not hide their tendency to various improvements and adjustments. Blonde Zuzana Plačková from the Paradise Hotel, we would not meet on the street today. She is a completely different person.

She makes no secret of the fact that she had adjusted her ass, pierced her lips, improved her breasts, lifted her face and she also underwent a nose adjustment several times. Due to her extravagance and appearance, she is criticized by many people, but she has also gained many supporters who keep their fingers crossed for her and support her through social networks.

She’s not alone …

We know the faces that said pretty unnatural improvements. Several stars have decided that they no longer like the design changes they have undergone in the past. Slowly but surely they report a return to natural appearance, and so forth Zuzana is not the only one who decided to reduce her lips.

Silvia Kucherenko

In the last period, Silvia Kucherenko underwent the biggest change. Even followers shows a new form of self, via photos on Instagram, where he adds collages before and after the change.

The famous beauty admitted that she did not understand how she could be so blind over the years and did not see that the lips she made were too big to be ridiculous. Now he just looks a few months or years ago with horror at the photos.

Silvia Kucherenko

Photo gallery

Silvia Kucherenko

Source: Instagram: official_silviakucherenko

Lucia Šenková

Makeup artist Lucia Šenková also had the hyaluronic acid that she had dissolved in her lips. Say that due to the migration of material that many women may not even know can occur.

Lucka keeps making small adjustments, especially since she and the doctor are trying to solve the problem of lip deformity with acid.

Lucia Šenková

Photo gallery

Lucia Šenková

Source: Lucia Šenková

What problems can arise when hyaluronic acid is applied to the lips? The just mentioned Lucia Šenková says more about this problem and her own experience in an exclusive interview:

Luckine lips a few days after removal of acid


Lip augmentation is a trend, but it can also turn out like this: Our famous makeup artist openly showed …

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