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Dentist's Room Calls Increasing Payments, Increasing Costs – Press Releases


BRATISLAVA, November 25 ( – Members of the Scottish Championships (SKZL) are unhappy about payments from insured companies. The delegates of the SKZL Autumn Board have agreed. When the room said in his statement, the dentist has long been financially not financially. Between 2016 and 2017 payments from health insurance companies are almost not increased.

Expenses by insurance companies do not give rise to the growing cost of tuberculosis. These are personal costs, increased energy costs, but also amalgam offices and other material and technical equipment. This is mainly due to the patient, despite paying health insurance, said SKZL.

The Chamber is not satisfied with the results of negotiations with the General Health Insurance Company (VSZP) on price terms of January 1 next year. The average annual increase in dental practices since 2016 is less than 2%, with an increase of 10 to 20% for other segments. "The insurance company does not yet provide a guarantee for increasing funds for its secure individuals, which will be closer to the real value of dental medicines, "Be the room.

However, there is a positive advertisement of VZZP that in 2019 50 thousand. euro. Services, as one of the segments of foreign affairs, asks for a 20% increase in & nbsp; The percentage price by at least 10%, with the following adjustments so that the price is paid through press releases for patients for patients.

"In the event of misconduct with the General Healthcare Competition, Slovakia's Damming Chamber will consider certain stages, which can lead to the closure of care contracts,"Concludes SKZL.

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