Thursday , June 1 2023

Dark application mode saves battery power.


More and more applications are being released.

We have decided to officially confirm that dark application mode will shorten battery life.

Statistics have been released on the Android Dev Summit showing how to use the battery in different colors and with the maximum possible brightness.

The pioneer turned black because the purest white proved to be the most effective. The whole test was done on Google Pixel smartphone.

Battery usage statistics for different colors and maximum brightness.

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Battery usage statistics for different colors and maximum brightness.

Source: Google

The Verge applies equally to Android and iOS devices as reported.

This is possible because of the small amount of power required to draw individual pixels in the dark areas of the screen. For example, a true black mark does not consume almost any energy.

The coming of the dark age

Google's service is known for its vital use of white in the user interface. However, these results clearly show that these color solutions are not energy efficient.

Our representatives know this, so we want to apply dark mode to the darkest possible range of services. For example, it is included in Androide's Messaging application or in both mobile versions. YouTube App.

In the future, it's worth adding features to the Google Play app store. The full extension to Android has not been reported yet.

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