Tuesday , November 30 2021

CSOB launched mobile payments. It has two hooks


The service only supports Android OS and MasterCard.

Banks that can buy in stores by applying a smartphone with NFC technology to use another big bank. It is ČSOB, which has so far served as the only one of the first four largest financial houses.

Your own way

ČSOB, such as VÚB and Tatra Banka, came up with its own solution – by ČSOB SmartPay. She did not go on a path like Slovenská sporiteľňa or Poštová banka, which went to the Google Pay-Media for Media.

The service of ČSOB only supports MasterCard payment cards, and Android is running at least 5.1 to execute the program. Of course, NFC's support is on the device side.

The payment method of Apple could come in coming months.

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Apple pays in Slovakia: Meetings are held at a later stage

Although the beta version of the Play Store application said "unreleased", set it up. When the app also supports Visa cards and whether it is available for iOS, we find it.

Separate registration required

The conditions for use of ČSOB SmartPay are also:

  • The system can not have root privileges,
  • required screen slot setting,
  • can call for the request.
ČSOB SmartPay mobile app for non-shipmate.

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ČSOB SmartPay mobile app for non-shipmate.

Source: ČSOB

In addition, the client must include SmartPay – first and last name, e-mail, password with at least eight characters, up and down, and numbers. After activating the profile, the user will set the PIN code and pay for a payment card for payment.

Payments can be made in two ways:

  • Open application -> "Try" confirmation -> Enter PIN code -> Confirm your phone. But everything should be done within 60 seconds.
  • Remove your phone -> attach your device -> enter your PIN code -> contains your mobile phone.

This is the default

For comparison, by Mobile payment from Tatra banka You only have to activate the application with Internet banking data and the generated code of the Reader tool. Only for payments over € 20, you must enter a PIN code if the person did not have handling manual. Otherwise, the image can be light. VUB Bank has Wave2Pay service.

A new bank 365 began operation in Slovakia.

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A new online bank starts in Slovakia. With a free account and mobile payments

Go to Google Pay She adds just details of credit card, then the user gets a link to the terms of service. Once confirmed, the SMS code will be given that it will be inserted into app. Then he can pay. Unless you have over $ 20, you must unblock the device – PIN code has not been entered.

Google service Besides Slovenské sporiteľne and Poštová banka, they also support mBank, J & T banka, and 365.

Banks are negotiations, etc. about the arrival of Apple Pay, an alternative to iPhones. The calls should come in a further phase and come in the coming months. Banks are not allowed on the subject.

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