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Creative Super X-Fi was sold in the United States. After more than 99% of satisfied customers succeed in Singapore


It was launched on November 1, 2018, following Europe in January 2019, following the successful acquisition of SXFI Amo in Singapore before the US order.

Creative announced pre-order approval for the new SXFI Amp in the United States, following Europe in January 2019, after the Super X-Fi hologram hologram was successfully launched in Singapore. SXFI Amp is the first sign of Super X-Fi technology that won the Grand Prix at CES 2018 (AVS Forum). The new SXFI Amp was launched very successfully with over 99% customer satisfaction. SXFI Amp combines Super X-Fi technology with a top-of-the-line high performance dongle USB dongle amplifier.

, We are amazed at the Super X-Fi response. Thousands of people bought SXFI amplifiers in a few weeks. Recalling that we had a winter called Super X-Fi, we got a positive response from a number of random customers in other areas. Others were amazed that even mono music was known as a "live" concert. Said Darran Nathan, Sales Director, Super X-Fi.

"We are proud to say that more than 99% of our customers are feeling great SXFI amplifiers! This was far ahead of my expectations, and frankly, I would be happy if the results were close to 80% Thank you. That's why our team worked so hard. Make a realistic headphone sound. " Said Sim Wong Hoo, managing director of Creative Technology and founder of Super X-Fi technology.

"The other 1% will not give up. We now have a better understanding of their needs, and we think that applying Super X-Fi technology can be equally satisfying while maintaining appeal." "It's just the beginning of the journey, and it's my personal goal to make the planet's headphone users enjoy the super X-Fi magic, just like switching from black and white to color." After CES 2018 in Las Vegas, We have received many questions about availability in the world, and we are now working on making this breakthrough technology available in Europe in January 2019. " Sim added. Many respected tech commentators and bloggers were surprised at the SXFI Amp, and many of them were classified as Editor's Choice and other top-class. My audio experience was definitely good for the amp as I played games, watched movies, and listened to music. Each device provides realistic surround sound. The Creative Super X-Fi Amp is the beginning of a truly working and magically working headset technology.– Trevor Tan, Editor of Technology, Straits Times, Designated SXFI Amp "Straits Times Tech Editor Choice" in the article Sound of the future.

"Listening to Michael Jackson's hit song turned my childhood back to my hi-fi system when I closed the door. The sound of the movie sounded much better during the cold weather due to music videos and concert recordings.Paul Mah, South China Morning Post, Creative SXFI Amplifier Reviews: Amazing sound that changes the sound of the headphones.

The Singapore company, which has built its reputation in the digital audio field long before other companies say the technology is miraculous. After more than a week of testing, you can say this is true. That sound is really impressive … "– TechGoond's editor Alfred Siew, article: Creative brings the magic of innovative amp SXFI.. SXFI Amp Editor 's Choice Award.

, Q: Does SXFI Amp work as promised? I must admit that. When the sound is turned on, the sound is heard as much as it sounds in the home theater. "– Aloysius Low, CNET, Article: "Creative SXFI Amp has finally been released, and Creative Holography technology is real, it can be yours soon"

"With SXFI technology, you can not hear any more than before." Sherwin Loh, Geek Culture, from the article "Geek Review: Creative SXFI AMP"He named him in Editor 's Choice Award.

The television personality of Singaporean Darren Lim also purchased SXFI Amp. His voluntary response when listening to Super X-Fi is as follows. I remember seeing you on YouTube and think of Sim. He said it was the same as switching from black and white to color. I think he was not over. When I saw it online I thought the price of $ 219 was very low. And I had some questions. This is going to be a big step forward when compared to the transition to color TV. So I will expect more. Such prices are available to everyone, and if you do not set you are cutting yourself. " Read the full conversation here:

Mark Henninger, editor of the AVS Forum, the world's biggest enthusiastic forum, said in Super X-Fi after hearing CEDIA 2018 in San Diego: "I heard a video game, and the sound was a bit crazy." More reviews can be found here.

Super X-novel Work

Imagine listening to the sound through a multi-speaker system and reproducing this experience, depth, detail, soundtrack, depth, charm and reliability. It is like magic in 3D holography but it is in audio and headphones.

Super X-Fi uses this state-of-the-art precision technology to map the sound of an audio system to the sound of a human ear in three-dimensional space, converting this set of information sensitively into the same breathing sound of the headphones.

Depending on the shape of our ears and the structure of our heads, we hear different people. Super X-Fi also uses artificial intelligence to chart the shape of ears and individuals' heads, and uses headphones that are used to create soundtracks using sophisticated algorithms to evaluate head opening and headphone information.

Pricing and Availability• SXFI AMP is $ 149.99 without delivery and can be pre-ordered in the US starting November 1, 2018. • SXFI Amp will be available in Europe in January 2019. • European fans can book at / A-EU

The first SXFI amplifier buyer will receive a certified Aurvan SE Super X-Fi earphone worth $ 69 during the introductory process. This offer is available for a limited time and inventory period.

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