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Country: FC Nitra – SK Slovan Bratislava



After a corner kick that was heavily bubbling Vasil Bozikov made way for 6 – However, the main arbitrator did not interrupt the game and kept it from being noticed.


MilošŠimončič sent to 16 interesting centers Mitch Apau had to respond to. He obviously sent a ball for his own goals. FC Nitra is replaced.


We have witnessed another aggressive state condemning one of the family invaders.


Mitch Apau tried to exploit the field and tuck it out with a lucky free throw over a strikeout,


Tomáš Kóňa (Nitra) is cautioned by the referee.


Slovakia scored a goal!

The scorer was ANDRAŽ ŠPORAR. Goal scored from the penalty spot. The state of the game is 0: 1!


Mitch Apau has been knocked over by Andrej Fábry in the 16th home game and will be penalized. This advantage is gained by Slovan Bratislava.


Artem Sukhotskyy should probably have put his team up anotherming after 11 minutes, but Richard Križan managed to a corner.


Aleksandar Čavrić has ordered a march and his manager will not be happy Lukáš Hroššo was ejected after receiving a second yellow card from the game.


Slovan Bratislava of Abdulrahman Taiwo got a fresh free-kick.


Márius Charizopulos was on the offensive side of the pass and could not continue.


Outside throwing will be done by domestic soccer players who can think of about half of their opponents.


Vasil Bozikov is in an ankle after fighting Abdulrahman Taiwu, but does not seem to need a doctor's help and will continue in the game.


The ball is an attempt to play defensive with a short pass.


Marián Chobot was able to power the ball past the keeper. But he was overseas.


The game is in progress. The ball is a guest who has settled back in half of the opponent.


Andrásspala (Šk Slovan) is cautioned by the referee. It served for unnecessary consultation with the referee after the illegal intervention of Richard Krizan.


The yellow card was scored by Richard Križan (FC Nitra).


After cornering from the center of the country, the home team created a good opportunity for the home team and was able to put the ball into the net.


I personally played with defensive players and the ball was in the sixth. The game was sometimes brutal, but the last defender blocked it. Slovan Bratislava will be replaced.


It seems that Pavol Chmura is right and will end up trying to finish it.


A key mediator, Pavol Chmura, needs a team of doctors to report the injury. You will see if he can continue the game or replace Boris Marhefek.


After this corner, home defending may be pleased. Richard Križan grabbed the ball but missed the goal a few miles.


The right center kick reached Richard Krizan's head and sent him to his goal. Slovan Bratislava will make a corner kick.


After an industrious effort down the middle, Moha managed to slide the ball to a corner. Lukáš Hroššo was able to catch the ball with a left hanging. We will now see another corner kick for Slovan.


After Mohu shoot, Križan, who worked on the door of Lukáš Hrošša, blocked the score. There will be a Slovan corner.


Marián Chobot struck a long shot from the top corner of the net. But his efforts were useless because he was in the opponent's offside trap.


Aleksandar Čavrić charged down the left and had a wonderful opportunity to score the equalizer for Andraža Šporara. His launch attempt was right next to the left stick.


The guests settled in half of the other party and exchanged a series of short passes.


Marián Chobot still made a goal kick but his pass was lacking in strength and accuracy. The ball was taken over by Dominik Greif.


Since the ball is pointing behind the sideline, the guests will throw out of their half pitch.


After 60 minutes, David Holman tried to exploit their counterattacking skills, unfortunately, Lukas Hroššo's shot sailed wide after his break down the well. That was a chance!


The ball is located in the middle of Slovan, but the players are steer.


Andrej Fábry bought the ball from the inside of the field and was surprised to see Dominic Graf taking the goalkeeper's ball in relief. However, this shooting was not a big threat to him.


Vasil Bozhikov managed to make an excellent play to the defense, and had a terrible ball. The home side will be the free kick.


Aleksandar Čavrić got a penalty shot in from the penalty spot. The person holding the report caught Lukáš Hroššo.


Andrej Fábry was great at switching from defense to attack, and their ability was defused in spite of the wetting down the right while Dominic Greif had another chance to take the lead.


Because Apau has helped in an unexpected way, you will witness the first standard situation in favor of Nitra.


De Kamps found his pass with a pass, but I was disappointed at the first touch of the ball that raised her.


The home team's players also played fast, but Abdulrahman was on the offsides at the time of the pass, so he had a bad timing.


We watched the center of one of the hosts, but he headed to the place where Lukáš Hroššo was prepared.


The customer will be offside the other half. This is a good opportunity to solve.


The ball is replaced by Slovan player, in his half.


The meeting just started.


FC Nitra: Hrošo – Kuník, Križan, Niba, Chovanec – Kona, Šimončič (C) – Charizopulos, Chobot, Fábry – Abdulrahman.
Substitution: Šípoš – Goulash, Machovec, Fbry, Vestenický, Farkaš, Čeredničenko.

Slovenia: Greif – Apau, Bajric, Bozikov (C), Suchockij – Ljubicić, Kamps – Holman – Moha, óporar, Čavrić.
Substitutes: Šulla – Savičevič, Dražić, Nono, Medvedev, Salata, Hološko.

Referee: Fog – Kováč, Žáka – Marhefka.

All soccer fans are welcome to view this online text message. We will focus on the 15 rounds where the FC Nitra team and the Slovan Bratislava team will compete against each other. Let's briefly introduce the current form of the two teams.


Soccer players in this group earned 15 points in the current league of the Fortuna League, which is ninth in the league table. They have four wins, three draws, and seven fores on their record. 18 points and 21 points with the other team. In the last five games they won 1-0 in Trenčín only once. The last time they visited Dunajska Streda, Vida was able to meet one goal in the 30th minute. Nitra narrowed to 0: 1.

Slovakia Bratislava:

Slovan is Slovakia's top contender with 36 points after 14 rounds. It succeeded in 11 wins and 3 draws. They did not play as the only team in the current season. Their score is 36:13. Finally, they gave Michalovciam the visit when they came to see their fans who saw Marshall Mellow in a high 6: 0 victory.

Róbert Gašpárek will report you as a narrator.

Welcome to online transfer. The meeting will start at 15:00.

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