Wednesday , April 21 2021

Box for half and TV for free for a year

The operator responds to the end of the competitive service. Very good offer.

Antik answered today to end the sale of satellite television from Orange. He confirms that he will be selling services via satellite in the coming years and has an offer for the competitor’s clients.

“Access to TV programs on the Eutelsat 16E satellite will be maintained in the coming years. Following the sudden departure of a foreign company, the Slovak operator will in future also insure satellite broadcasts for all clients,” Antik announced in a report for the media.

Orange cancels satellite TV.
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They provide services via the same satellite

Orange via satellite and Antik Sat provide services via the satellite Eutelsat 16E. They even share some channels together. Now Antik will be trying to get a share of Orange’s customers – it will offer them a set-top box for half.

“After its recent surprising decision to abandon satellite technology, the future of the broadcaster was uncertain for tens of thousands of its clients, whose technical parameters of the equipment were set for this satellite,” describes Antik.

Just replace the box

If Orange customers decide to move to Antique, it’s enough to replace the device. They do not need to replace the dish but make other changes.

“We quickly found common ground with our partner A1 Telecom Austria, so that Slovak clients do not remain in uncertainty,” says the operator.

The operator will offer a hybrid box and a TV package for free for a year.

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The operator will offer a hybrid box and a TV package for free for a year.

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TV for a year for free

Customers will be able to get a hybrid set-top box Antik Nano3S for half – for 49 euros. It combines Internet and satellite reception, supports TV archives and video rental. An internet connection is required for the box, without it only satellite TV works. You can also connect via Wi-Fi.

In addition, Antik will sell them a decoder card for one euro and provide a “Everything you need” package with almost 200 stations (some stations work via satellite) for one year for free.

The customer receives the service without obligation – despite offering the customer a TV for free for one year.

At the same time, if he already has a modern set-top box, he can only buy a card for one euro and also get a TV package for a year for free.

The operator does not know how long the supply will last. However, he specified for Živé.sk that in this way he could get several thousand new customers.

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