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Booth at Steinerke – PANDORA


Booth at Steinerke

If not, in Bratislava, in 1983, an institute was called "House of Books" at Steinerova Street, above the famous stone brewery, to the city center. They sent me to work on the bookstore in Central, where I had to do that. Comrades from the Slovak Book Company have decided to create a representative stand with beautifully divided departments. Everyone was responsible, he always had to be athletes, we did not have to sit (and there were no where) and we had to deal with each client individually so he directed what he was looking for, although he did not go to everything to search. Perhaps the creators of this institution are strongly influenced by some of the capitalist bookstores. They just do not know that such news with us is not very popular. I, according to the decision of the chief board, saw the technical literature division. My nerves!

Besides the fact that this bookkeeper probably was the largest in Bratislava in time, it was also characterized by complete feminization. All employees, including the chief manager, her deputy, bookkeeper and salary, were women. And to do that, there was also a bitch who came to us, also baby. So, with Vladimir Rastislav Godar, as the only men, they saved the honor of man. During the ten hours and lunches it was simply impossible to be in one room. We gradually we knew they had less, where they got beautiful white slippers. They did not see the attention of female sex, but if something is … I would rather go to a corner where I play my Russian egg or a rabbit with roses, and then # 39 , I got sick, I went to the Steinbrouwerij (today is a Vietnamese restaurant and the brewery was demolished), where I was especially satisfied with the Montenegrin sea boat. And beer. It happened that I forgot to go back to my girlfriends.

Today it's all possible from the Book House, just not a bookstore.

Anton Pizurny
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