Tuesday , June 22 2021

Apple is already the number two in the world with iPhones, Chinese markets are growing rapidly

The first quarter was very successful for smartphone manufacturers. Sales increased year on year by thirty-five percent. All major brands have succeeded, Samsung is leading and Apple has become the number two of the world, informs the portal iDnes.cz.

According to Strategy Analytics, a total of 340 million smartphones were sold worldwide in the first quarter of this year. Last year it was only 275 million. The year-on-year increase of twenty-five percent is impressive; according to the agency, the market has not grown significantly since 2015.

But it is not as famous as it seems at first glance. The COVID-19 factor plays a major role here. Nevertheless, the results are positive. The first quarter of last year was the first to hit COVID-19. Therefore, sales for the last first quarter fell year after year by seventeen percent from 330 million in 2019 to 275 million.

Therefore, some correction was expected, but the said increase to 340 million clearly exceeded expectations. Also because the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. But the market has already recovered in the second half of last year and now seems to be back to normal, even with positive growth towards 2019.

Looking at the results of individual manufacturers, it is clear that all major players have done well, hence the top five, which Strategy Analytics traditionally publishes. More precisely, the current five largest smartphone manufacturers have flourished. The smallest increase of the year is recorded by the first Samsung, which added thirty-two percent more than last year.

Vivo and Xiaomi have the largest increases, with the two Chinese manufacturers improving annually by a significant 85 and 80 percent. Oppo then added sixty percent year-over-year and Apple forty forty percent. Specific figures are given in the table, including the situation in the first quarter of 2019, to eliminate coronavirus-spoiled data for the previous year.

Source: Strategy Analytics

It is also clear from the table that one major brand fell out of the rankings. Last year, he was the second Huawei. He was already under the US embargo, but he did very well in the Chinese market. But the embargo has caught up with him there too, he has limited access to parts and so he has nothing to sell.

In the table, he was replaced in the world top five by Vivo and in the position of world number two Apple. Apple’s results are impressive. The company has the cheapest device for about 460 euros and according to other statistics it is clear that the bestsellers in Apple’s portfolio are not the cheap models but the more expensive ones.

The same statistics then show that the best-selling models from Samsung and Xiaomi are cheap devices, in the latter case even the cheapest.

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