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Another conflict in the parliament. Simple Mary from Mexico. The moral bound remains of mercurialism refer the MPs


There is nothing new under the sun or members sending messages through social networks or the media. This method was also elected by two deputy – opposition Lucia Duris Nicholson and coalition Anton Hrnko. The reason was the design of Andrey Danko.

Another conflict in the parliament. Simple Mary from Mexico. The moral bound remains of mercurialism refer the MPs
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description: Lucia Duris Nicholson and Anton Hrnko

After failed rejection of the President of # 39; the parliament Andrey Danko, who was on an extraordinary meeting of National Council of the SR, wrote Anton Hrnko in a Facebook status. He was responsible for the deputy president of Parliament, Lucie Durise Nicholson, to criticize Andrey Danko's strangely work, referring to Dušan Katuščák, who has a lot to do years worked in & # 39; the Slovak National Library.

This is to put one on one side against # 39; The communists, but on the other hand, they perform the restoration of another communist, Katuščák. "Good luck, ladies!" Just a simple Mary from Mexico would be the bigger moral pattern you have. Did you know Katuščák? Is that what you think is an expert? I'm running my channel, "said he.

He stated that he was the last president of the communications of & # 39; s communication of & nbsp; the communication of & # 39; s communication of & # 39; the communication of Czechoslovakia. "Well, it's just that so fast existence is ready to do all the hard work, and you, as you have done it, have offered it." "No, you could no longer support your purpose as a support of this existence," he said.

These words were played by Nicholson. "Mr Hrnko is the moral left remaining of Marquis, the toughest national parliament in the heat of the dead is worthwhile, after the upcoming election is the only need To earn it, "said the nationalist criticism.

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  • Vice-President of National Council

The Time of the Marxism

Then Hrnko was all over again. He points out that he is in a decent nursing clothes and does not give the remark that he is even better when he was struck. He also tries to make a statement about the remnant of Marquis.

"Meciar was a hurdle Democrat against political ideas and especially the political practice of the current opposition, and Mrs. Nicholson's specialist, I just feel it was my The CIS said that the part of the CIS, later the Nation-Democratic Party was named and merged after the elections with the Democratic Union, was elected to the birth of Mečiara in March 1994, he said.

He added that he also tried the deputies to liquidate Milán Kňazek from the parliament and that he always had the political part of Vladimir Mečiar. "When I found that the anti-Semitic resistance was the same, or worse than Meciar, I left politically in 1998. I'm back in politics only in 2016, but it has been a long time deputy and The representative of the worst anti-national policy is just Lucia, "he wrote.

He says that if the story tells him whether it was the good decision, he did not want to participate in Meciar's participation or plundering the national property for Mikuláš Dzurinda. "That's not what Mrs. Nicholson can say, so, Lucia, if you're already in public debate, tell the truth, do not, do not, do not, but it will slowly down to you what one Actor politician said in a good memory that the lion is your working method, "he concluded.

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