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American actress Jamie Lee Curtis performs 60 years in full force


Jamie Lee Curtis was born in the family tree. Her mother, Janet Leigh, deserves the audience of 's famous shower in Hitchcock's Horror Psycho. Father, actor Tony Curtis, was also a member of the most famous American actors, and his mother also had Slovak works. Today he feels 60 years and still plays.

American actress Jamie Lee Curtis (character Laurie Strode) is the premiere of American Horror Halloween in Los Angeles in # the night of October 18, 2018. Photo – TASR / AP

LOS ANGELES. American actress Jamie Lee Curtis on the silver screen has a full-fledged movie like Halloween, Fog, Fish Wanda, Forever Young, True Lies of Tusken Girls. The daughter of the famous academies is on November 22 in # 39; the 1960s.

Father has sluggish roots for mother

Jamie Lee Curtis was born on November 22, 1958 in Los Angeles, following the action family. Her mother, Janet Leigh, deserves the audience of 's famous shower in Hitchcock's Horror Psycho. His father, actor Tony Curtis, also consisted of the most famous American actress (he played for example in the comedy one of her own) and his mother also had Slovak works.

Everyone was separated after a few years, and Lee was cared for by mother. The girl grew into a long-haired beauty that she had decided after her mother's reservations were for the actors. Jamie Lee Curtis studied at the Choate School in Connecticut and at the Pacific University in Stockton, California, where she studied law and dramatic art. His professional active career started with a sitcom Anything but Love (which no love, 1989-1992) there he received the Golden Globe.

Jamie Lee Curtis, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, stomps to his father's father, Tony Curtis, at the beginning of a famous actor in Las Vegas on October 4, 2010. The Oscar-nominated actor died in the last Wednesday at a 85-year heart attack. Photo – TASR / AP

She debuted in horror

She has her debut in the role of Laurie Schoolmaster Lauree in & # 39; Halloween Horror: The Eve of the Feast of All Saints (1978) and two years later in Halloween 2 (1981). She was in the mysterious The Fog (1980) and Terror Train (1980).

Her role in her artistic career was the role of 'energy' proverbial prostitute Ophelia, which was won by BAFTA in 1983; e Trading Places Comedy (1983). They also included the melodrama Dominick and Eugene (1988), where she mentions the role of a discerning and sensitive student of Jennifer's girlfriend, the girlfriend of an older colleague who has her pioneer brother ( Tom Hulce).

In 1988 he became popular in the role of sarcastic moles in # 39; the great crime crashed comedy A Fish Called Wanda (Fish Vanda). On her side was the chief representative of Montypythonic comedy John Cleese, who wrote a script to film and was also director (along with Charles Chrichton).

He followed the family movie My Girl (My First Love, 1991). The cinema also hit True Lies (1994). Specialist Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has a dual life, works as an international spy for a top secret organization, but his wife, Helen, in Jamie Lee Curtis, has believed in fifteen years to become a man of a simple, longer computer trade . It is her who does not expect the horror story.

After several years Ryan's quartet named Wanda (John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, and Michael Palin) returned to other comedy quests in Fierce Creatures (1997).

She thought about entering the White House

In 1999, Jamie Lee Curtis considered a potential candidate for the post of US President. However, the policy changed to the silver screen. The film critic also deserves the performance of the actress in Freaky Friday, 2003, where she's her mother of # 39; mother tongue.

The actress of her time shook her environment by saying that the role in Christmas Day with the Kranks comedy with Tim Allen is her last. The cause was family problems. Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband, Christopher Haden-Guest, have decided to perform their daughter and son if they can not have their own children.

Despite the remarks about his career, the film star remains. From Recent Films, Spare Parts (Obligations, 2015), is a real story about a group of four illegal immigrants from Mexico studied at # 39; Phoenix High School in Arizona. This year, she appeared on fun in the next window of horror stories this time with the simple name Halloween.

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween. Photo – TASR / AP

When the actress asked what she was afraid to go to Toronto Film Festival, she said: "If you know, life is a bit frightening, I live in America and I'm afraid every day. " Jamie Lee Curtis belongs to the hard criticism of President Donald Trump, who is also outraged in media and twitters.

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