Monday , August 15 2022

Almost half of Slovakia does not plan to buy prices on a regular basis.


One-third of respondents said they were saving or borrowing for larger spending.

Almost half of Slovakia do not think about regular purchases of food or clothes for prices. As you can see from the survey of Slovenská sporiteľňa in the store, men do not think men more than women. A third of respondents, on the other hand, said they would save or borrow more spending, such as household appliances, furniture, or vacation.

"Overall, however, Slovakians are conservative," said Lenka Buchláková, analyst at Slovenská sporiteľňa. "73% of respondents usually think twice before they spend money," said Slovenská sporiteľňa analyst Lenka Buchláková. Up to 84% of Slovakian people are aware of the financial situation and monthly spending is under control.

Age difference is not large.

Interestingly, according to analysts, there was no big difference in handling money at different ages. "People over the age of 50 need to raise money from this perspective. They are conservative, but half of them are interested in various investment methods," Buchláková added.

Slovakian status on investments such as securities, stocks, bonds or funds has improved compared to last year. One-quarter of Slovakia has a positive opinion on the investment, half said it is neutral, and one-quarter responded negatively to the investment. Three-quarters of those investing in such products are aware of the risks associated with investing money in securities, stocks or bonds.

The reserve is important.

"Savings and, if possible, long-term investment is reasonable. People should think about deposits in this case, ideally because they have at least 3-6 months of financial reserves, for example, without jobs or with more serious diseases Buchláková lends it responsibly because if the people want to borrow it will not only hide their monthly payments but also be left behind.

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