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A great overview of trademarks: Slovak cities also have a rich program for delicacies


Meetings with friends and a good mood, there's even bought wine and delicacy of the festivity of # 39; The world's contribution – without looking at the Christmas Market, many of us do not know or understand the current period. This year, Slavic cities have not only beautiful decorations and a variety of offers, but also a rich program for small and large.


The Christmas atmosphere is administered by Hviezdoslavplein, through the Christmas market of the Old Towns for longer and Christmas markets in & nbsp; The center was requested on Friday. They will run until December 22 and have 99 standards, of which 72 are on Main and 27 on the Franciscan Square. All the amenities will open from 10 to 10 hours, christmas sheds and charitable boards will be open until the 20th century. The main square is decorated with a Christmas tree, a 30-year-old and a 14-meter full fish, managed by the city of Raca.

In addition to Christmas, the Bratislavaers also enjoy the rich cultural program Vianočná Bratislava, organized by the Cultural and Information Center Bratislava (BKIS). He will be Mikuláš in the Municipal Theater P.O. Hviezdoslava (6.12.), Christmas tree on the Nádvorí sv. Ján Nepomucký to Primaciální palác (29.11.-15.12.), Performances of Folklore Ensembles at the MR Štefánik Square (17.11 – 21.12), International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music (6-8.12.), Krystmas tram in collaboration with Dopravní podnik Bratislava (6 – 30 December, except 24 and 25 December from 16 to 20 hours) and many others.


In December, Kosice will change its main street in a residential city with a central stage at Immaculata. Part of the vacation offer for visitors will be dozens of events, due to Christmas decoration with new features and traditional brands. The new dominant character of the square is Monday 19.11. was a 17 meter full Christmas tree. This year is a bay of bakebumps, this is a gift from Roman parish in Olšovany. Approximately 13,000 LED lights were used for lighting, and there would be no 2,000-meter light chain. At the podium at the Nedere Gate, the wood will be painted by Bethlehem. Instead of the main entrance to the Historical Center of & # 39; The SD, for the first time, will be big light eyelashes placed.

Both Kosice and city districts can participate in the & # 39; the 60 main and unifying events over the month of March, with more than 1100 performers. The opening ceremony of the Christmas season of Košice will be held on December 5 with the participation of Mikuláš, Snehulienka, Anjel and Čerta. The main guest will be the singer Celeste Buckingham. Christmas program is held every day until December 23 from 17:00 to 19:00 on Main Street. The Christmas concert of Košice will be held on December 16th in the historic town hall, with Martin Chodúr, Mirka Partlová and Lady Colors. The final concert will be on December 23th, Maduar and Ivanna Bagova are the best of the 90's musicals.


Traditional Christmas Market opens in Prešov on Monday, November 26th. According to the press contact of Prešov City, Lenka Novotná, Main Street in Prešov, has nearly 90 farmers with various Christmas decorations, clothes, wooden products, and books and toys. There will also be a child for whom a playground, train or plush world is ready. Presidents and visitors of our city will again be able to choose from a wide range of Christmas trivia.

Traditional snacks, trout and longs, snacks, meats, garlic specialties, Christmas drinks and cakes will be part of the market. "In addition to the traditional offer, this Christmas market will also find news – full of tricks, stalks with Christmas mingled drink and dill"Be Novotná Traditional, there will be cellphone in the market there are various organizations and schools with their products discussing their activities The boats will be open on working days from 10 am to 16 pm, snacks are up to 10.00 hour In the weekends will open the stalls from 12 pm Short recesses will be held until 21 December in Prešov.


Visitors to the Christmas markets in Žilina find 21 stalls of craftsmen, 18 refreshment stands and two booths of charity and non-profit organizations from Friday to November 23 at Mariánské námestí and Námestí Andreja Hlinka. A new value of # mark of & # 39; The season is compostable dishes, or salesmen to sell food and drink in disposable containers when signing the contract.

The atmosphere of # 39; The city will also create the 15-meter Christmas decoration. For the third year, they earn the center of the city with light curves and angels, small trees on Marian Square are lit with small lights and tracks, Farská lane and the upstream streets deserve the lights. The Christmas decoration of last year has been in great healing of # 39; The Christmas balls on Marian Square, and at the Andrew Hlinkaplein come the lights of a renaissance family.


The Christmas Market at SNP Square in Banská Bystrica will begin on November 29 and will run until January 2 of the following year. The first and the smallest are open snacks, daily from 11 am, shortly before midnight. From December 6 to December 21 there will also be briquettes with Christmas gifts, ceramics, wood, teaching, metal, jewelry, decorations and other Christmas products. You will open temporarily from 9:00 and around 20:00.

In & # 39; One year of the Christmas industry Christmas has decided to minimalize waste and examine the first measures in the & nbsp; to continue the future in a harder regime. "Any reciprocal conditions are required to limit or exclude the use of plastic lines. As a replacement, we advise compostable or useful dishes, "said the spokesperson of the mayor of Banská Bystrica, Dominika Mojžišová.


In Nitra, Christmas Festival is held from July 1 until July 23. To enjoy the pre-Christmas atmosphere, a variety of folklore ensembles and singing groups are played at this time and played in the Christmas feast program. Every Tuesday and Thursday talk the stories of 'fairytales of' the famous fairy tales. On Tuesday 4, 12, 11.12. and 12.18 and on Thursday 6.12. A kindergarten program for kindergartens and primary schools is ready and every Saturday we find ourselves in fantasy by children's theater performances. Nitriansky castle opens for visitors a coming city in Gothic ditch and shelves in the period from 14 to 22 December. Part of the castle is the food stalls, the Bethlehem exhibition and the cultural program.


Emblematic streets, beautiful Christmas tree or wooden stallions with good from & nbsp; & nbsp; the foundations of & nbsp; the world, look into Trnava. The magical period begins on November 30, 2018 by the concert of singer and musician Adam Ďurica, but musical performances are scheduled every weekend. Traditionally, you can create a historical costume to the City Hall Church and in # 39; The weekend between December 14 and December 16, Medieval Advent Markets will be held in Little Rome, where you have the unique opportunity to see what our ancestors in the Middle Ages eat.


On Wednesday, December 5, 2018, Nikolaas will start kryst markers in Trenčín, which nearly 3 weeks will last and end in December before December 23. The 44 wooden places can find useful products, ceramics, knitting, crystal and ornaments, honey baskets, glass fiberglass, jewelry and many others. When they shake their hands and freeze their noses, then 12 stalls with a whole punch, crazy wine and fresh meals are served.

Visitors will have concert and dance performances in the center of Christmas markets in every 19 days. Under the emerging stars, the names of Fragile, Korban Dallas and Peter Bič Project, but this are just a fraction of the program. Together, 500 executive perform at the stage in Trencin. Work on days and sing only in the evening, weekends are made for visitors of & # 39; the whole day.


From 13 to 22 December, Freedom Square in Prievidza will also visit in Krystmerk. A total of 57 results will be spent in the center of the city and visitors can choose from Christmas decorations, candles, honey products, wooden articles, ceramics, handmade fabrics, toys and other varieties that are popular for Christmas. There will also be snacks in the form of half meals, honey, sugar, christmas and cheese wine. Trafficking boats will be available from 08:00 to 21:00 on Christmas Market and Consumers will be open from 8:00 to 19:00.

A day offset of Christmas in the city brings to the center of the Freedom Square a cultural program in the # 39; New Year's Eve begins. This year, the city also created a mobile space for residents, which runs on December 5th. The slip will be open for the public day from 8 am to 9 pm, even during public holidays. It will be available free of charge to the applicant.


In the center of Piešťany, on Friday 23 November, the city opened the gates. In Krystmerkmarken is a cultural program of visitors for all ages. A series of concerts and adventures will take a month. In addition to music, visitors can visit the scene and museums, schools and nurseries of Piešťany and the surrounding area, Slovak Folklore, Christmas songs and presentations of skilled creatures.


The Christmas decoration also includes the streets of Liptovský Mikuláš. Pilgrims with 3D motifs are added to the public lighting games in the footage zone, and the staff of # 39; Local Services Services (VPS) gradually built the most important Christmas tree on the Oslo Emperor Square. The officially resurfaced on December 7 at the opening of the fair. The main Christmas tree is a fish that will be light in a fun blue-light combination. In the pedestrian area small trees are also light-colored in ice and yellow attached to the main beam. An innovation for this Christmas is the installation of a gateway to the pedestrian zone at a local hotel that has decorated the space in the Christmas season.

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