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Yale, Yale-NUS strengthen partnership


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In an effort to strengthen the ties between Yale and Yale-NUS, Singapore's sister school of college wishes to host more study abroad programs and promote joint research projects between the two schools.

Tan Tai Yong, chairman of Yale NUS, said the research is "the core of the mission of the two institutions," emphasizing the importance of promoting partnerships in research projects between Yale and Singapore sister universities. Professor Tan also said that allowing members of both communities to immerse themselves in new campus experiences and local culture.

"We already have strong ties with Yale and we want to continue to deepen," Tan said. "We believe that strong ties will not only benefit our faculty, staff, and students, but will also benefit Yale faculty and students.

Tan said Yale is working to establish summer research opportunities in Singapore for Yalies similar to those already extended to Yale-NUS students. He added that the two schools are "looking for ways to create a fundraising mechanism for students around the world to jointly develop social impact projects."

Tan also said collaboration is underway in the areas of environmental research, development economics, migration, public health, foreign languages ​​and digital humanities.

"We embrace the opportunity to take full advantage of our position in Asia and welcome Yale faculty, students and staff to Yale-NUS College." Yale-NUS College can work in the Asia-Pacific region. "

Jeannette Ickovics, a professor of psychology at Yale-NUS this fall, said Yale-NUS administrators and faculty members are actively working to make Yale students more likely to complete one semester in Singapore.

When Tan visited Yale in October, he ate with Yale-NUS students along with Yale-NUS ex-professors and Yale who wanted to study in Yale-NUS in spring. While visiting Yale last month, Ickovics met with Yalies, who considered Singapore for a semester.

"By knowing what is available at Yale-NUS and coming in and issuing large invitations, more students can take a semester in Singapore," Ickovics said.

Yale University has invited Yale-NUS students from 2014. Starting in the 2015-16 school year, 24 international students were welcomed each year through the International Student Program. Tan said that Yale student spent one semester at Yale-NUS.

According to Kelly McLaughlin, Director of Study Abroad, eight students who have chosen to study at Yale-NUS this spring for the past eight years have shown "a clear upswing in their areas of interest over the last few years." McLaughlin was not officially committed to this program, but three of them were approved for study abroad at Yale-NUS this spring. The International and Professional Experience center offered three years of opportunities, but only two or three students showed interest in the past few years, he explained.

McLaughlin told News that it was unclear what triggered the increased interest in the school year.

"One student joked that the release of the movie" Crazy RichAsian "at least acted as a catalyst for interest. Anyway the movie is a movie that features cool and modern urban and street scenes It's a visual feast, "McLaughlin wrote in an email to the news. "I saw Singapore and Yale-NUS College at Yale, and there are many reasons for that, of course, a close partnership between the two institutions."

Asked about the lack of Yalies studying at Yale-NUS, Ickovics said, "While there is a culture of studying abroad and seeking international opportunities at Yale-NUS," Yale has a small number of undergraduates,

Charles Bailyn, the current dean of Franklin University and former Yale-NUS professor's chief, says that the lack of Yale students studying at Yale University is related to the life of Yale students. He pointed out that many Yale students do not study abroad due to extracurricular activities during the school year.

Bailyn found that the third year was the most academically rational time in studying abroad, but most of Yale's student groups were awarded the leadership of the year. Because of this, students are reluctant to give up on them. Betty Pu, a visiting student at Yale-NUS, has held leadership positions at Yale-NUS where second-year students can attract more students overseas.

According to McLaughlin, a total of 838 Yalies studied abroad during the last school year, but only 107 of them studied during the school year.

Kento Tanaka (20), one of three students who could enroll in Yale-NUS in the spring semester, spent time at Yale, feeling "institutional connection" while choosing college as a place to study abroad. Said that being at Yale-NUS could provide a compromise between experiencing a new environment and maintaining a familiar academic and support structure.

Dustin Nguyen & # 39; 20, another student at Yale-NUS who entered the spring semester, said he had many chances because he was an East Asian research major and he met his academic goals. Nguyen, already committed to this program, said he was excited about his semester at Yale-NUS.

"I already booked the plane," he said.

Yale-NUS was established in 2011.

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