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World Diabetes Day 2018: How Your Child Exercises to Maintain Health

Children's Diabetes Exercise and healthy foods can help prevent diabetes in children. (Source: Getty Images)

Let's look at how 2018 World Diabetes Day helps exercise to prevent diabetes in children.

Our unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle has made it easier for us to get diabetes. And it's not just about adults. Children are at increased risk of developing diabetes. Although more cases of type 1 diabetes have been recorded in young children, according to WHO, type 2 diabetes is increasingly reported in children. And it mainly leads to childhood obesity because there is no overweight and no physical activity.

Diabetes can damage the heart, blood vessels, eyes, and kidneys over time and can lead to premature death. So what is the ideal way to prevent diabetes in children? Dr. Rakesh Prasad, an exercise, health and endocrinologist, told Express Parenting. "Exercise is an essential part of diabetes care and is effective from the beginning," he said.

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What can I do to prevent diabetes?

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder in nature. And the two major components recommended Dr. Prasad that diet is defined as minimum carbohydrate intake, 30 minutes of exercise a day, and at least five days of exercise a week.

Exercise prevents excessive weight gain. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Indian children's obesity doubled from 1.3 percent in 1980 to 3 percent in 2015.

In addition, increased muscle mass significantly reduces insulin resistance. "There are many studies and data that only use dieting and exercise to determine if you can prevent diabetes. It has been shown that exercise for 30 minutes with a healthy diet can prevent diabetes.

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But why are children reluctant to exercise or play? "Today, many children are overloaded with research and other activities, so they have little time to play and exercise, so they are more likely to get diabetes," said Prasad. Second, there is limited room for children to engage in physical activity or participate. "In addition, as children become more dependent on technology, most children tend to spend more time in front of their cell phones, laptops, or televisions.

How to make children exercise

Apart from the busy work that most children have, there is not enough motivation to exercise as the screen time increases. So how can you ensure that your child can stay healthy through exercise? Here are some tips.

Take away your fears.

If your child has not been motivated by the movement, at least let him play. However, some parents are afraid of being able to play with fear that their children may be injured, exposed to germs, or may interfere with their child's schooling schedule. "The first thing you need to do is to get rid of fear so you can encourage your child to work out or play." Play is a child's job. Children usually want to play, and in turn help them explore their physical and mental abilities. Getting injured is part of finding your body. "Dr Parent Consulting and its founder Dr. Debmita Dutta told Express Parenting:

Live an active life.

Dutta said children will always follow if their parents are active and passionate about hiking, climbing or biking.

Children learn a lot from imitation. So, the best way to encourage a child to exercise is to do it yourself. And that's what Sagar Diwan's fitness coach does. "We saw a four-year-old kid doing exercise, now skipping, jumping over obstacles, churning carts, etc. We do not see too much television and do not use cell phones in front of his son. It's very important that you become a role model and encourage your child to copy you. "

Make sure your child enjoys the activity.

Pushing a child to do one kind of physical activity can be too boring, and some variety is always helpful. "Ask your child what they want to learn and encourage them to practice for months on end so that they will like it." Every activity will be difficult at first, as it is easy for children to overcome difficulties It is our job to help them reach, "Dr. Dutta said. Diwan agreed. "When children have fun in an activity (as they do in the form of a game), they will do it over and over again."

Group activity

Group activities can be of great help. Diwan says, "Exercising or doing activities in a group draws more children than doing it alone. The child will actively participate if he / she is with the same age group of children."

Always motivate your children

If you promote your child to be the best in every way, it is important to encourage your child to do at least physical activity. "One needs to motivate the child, and if there is competition, it must be healthy, and the reward for the child's efforts is possible in most situations," he said. .

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