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We know how Narcos end Mexico. That's one of those good things.

Michael Peña plays Kiki Camarena, a DEA agent who worked for Netflix at Narcos: Mexico in Guadalajara, Mex.

Carlos Somonte / Netflix

There are short scenes from the opening episode. Narcos: Mexico It shows a lot about the culture where drama is set. It lasts for about a minute, but you can see the depth of the entire eight-part series.

Kiki Camarena (Michael Pena), DEA agent in Guadalajara, Maryland, is playing in a local bar. He heard it was his job. Meet with local police and officials at various levels of law enforcement to talk and get information. Because it is new, he can only arrest the lower local police. The young cop tells Kiki that his uncle has got a job with the police and is now receiving 10% of his wages in return. The young police officer shoulder. That's how it works.

Narcos: Mexico (Netflix stream from Friday) is about drugs, money, ambition and corruption. It is often about the latter. Everyone expects action and commission, so Mexico is found in the barbaric sea overrun by drug dealing. Because there is no money to live comfortably on the floor or in the middle, bribery and brutality prevails.

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Narcos: Mexico is a spectacular thriller on the level of Pablo Escobar and Wagner Moura's first Narcos series.

Carlos Somonte / Netflix

It is a majestic thriller, this thriller of the first level. Narcose The series, Wagner Moura, appeared as Pablo Escobar. At this point Narcose The narrative can be regarded as a result, wire In terms of a serious Odyssey in the parallel world of crime and law enforcement

"There is no happy ending, in fact, it has no ending." We know it. Joaquin Guzman Loera – El Chapo is scheduled to be tried in the United States this week. But according to prosecutors, his award, "The World 's Largest Drug Trafficker," is still in business.

What Narcos: Mexico does presents the origin story. It was in the late 1970s and many Americans smoke marijuana. The source is from Mexico and some farmers are tired of the bureaucrats who do not really want to shut them down. They just want to get paid. Together with police officer Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo (Diego Luna) appears. Usually he just called Felix and has a simple solution. Make marijuana trade a true business with highly organized growth, transportation and sales. His plan is to become the first drug cartel.

There is one action scene that was beautifully done in the beginning, but its simplicity is amazing, but it is illuminated. Felix makes arrangements with farmers and Guadalajara for local drug dealers. It's a profitable deal, but he ridicules Hicks in the mountains. Someone is shot … nothing happens. There are people sitting at this restaurant after someone is shot. They just wait. At this point in the take is about 1980 and the summit is already damaged.

Diego Luna plays Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, a former police officer who plans to be the first drug cartel.

Carlos Somonte / Netflix

For the first five hours of critics, stories sometimes sound like a clever series of repetitions of the same storytelling strategy. A bunch of people meet. There is information exchanged and sometimes there is argument. But what you hold is a sense that this continues to expand. And there is tension in the knowledge that everyone will die or go to jail.

It is a very male drama. Few female characters have much to say or do. Felix's wife, Maria Elvira (Fernanda Urezora), is skeptical about the difficulty with her fingernails and turning her drug trade into a smoother business. But the story is not her story. Her husband imagines making "OPEC" of drugs and the engine of the story belongs to him. The way the drama is male is noteworthy. But it is derived from actual events for men, not from others.

A man known as El Chapo began working as a small marijuana grower in the Sinaloa region of the 1970s. Where exactly is that? Narcos: Mexico It starts. El Chapo will work at the Guadalajara cartel operated by Felix Gallardo. At that point the cartel was the main intermediary for cocaine from Colombia to the United States. When the real Gallardo took the real Kiki Camarena, there was a chaotic period when El Chapo won.

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It happened. It is not a fiction. Freedom is accepted along with the true story. Narcos: Mexico But only to rationalize that it is a horrible story of terrible accomplishment and worse loss.

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