Saturday , August 13 2022

Three hybrid bird discoveries


The researcher found a special kind of bird in Pennsylvania. A bird is a descendant of a mischievous mother and an embarrassed father in a totally different genre. This combination resulted in three hybrid birds.

The chief author of David Toews at Cornell University is "very rare." Women are called Golden-wing / hybrid winged hybrid with blue-wing – also called Warbler. She has successfully reproduced with the Chestnut-sided Warbler. "

Hybrid species are formed when two different species are hybridized to produce a hybrid object. Hybridization is common between golden wings and blue wing wingers, but the cross between these species and chestnut wings is very rare. In fact, it is something we never really know.

In May 2018, a dedicated birdwatcher from Pennsylvania found a unique hybrid bird. He found that a male bird was singing the same song as Chestnut-sided Warbler. Surprisingly, it also had some of the physical characteristics of Blue-winged and Golden-winged Warblers. I knew immediately that the birds were so different that they did not belong to a known species. Robert Lowk Burket contacted researchers at Cornell to confirm their intuition.

"I would not think they were geeks because I tried to make the e-mail somewhat intellectual," Burket said. A researcher, David Toews, found a bird in a week and collected blood samples and measurements. It was a very interesting and exciting morning. A few days later I received a text message. Dave says you were right !!! & # 39; "

Genetic analysis has shown that the breeding of two distinct parent species causes a completely new triple hybrid staggering pedigree.

"We looked at genes that showed a variety of weapon colors," Toews said. "In this way we were able to reproduce what the hybrid's mother would have seen – equivalent to the face complex of the detective, but from the gene. We would have looked like her mother Bruistus wobbler and her father a chestnut double-sided canine. "

This kind of unique hybridization is likely. For example, the golden wings are over-hunted. This species was proposed for listing on endangered species. Due to their decline, these birds have limited options to choose from.

"The fact that this hybrid has been greatly reduced in the Golden-winged Warblers population suggests that females can overcome the bad situation," Toews said. "It also tells us that, in general, even after evolving the apparent differences in appearance, genuine woodpeckers are genetically compatible."

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