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This is what weak women should eat in Chandra Grahan

The moon-eclipse is a fascinating phenomenon and this year, chandra grahan will fall on July 16 and 17. There are several cultural convictions regarding eclipses, according to Indian culture moon-eclipses is considered insufficient. There are different myths and superman that run around & # 39; effects from & # 39; a sun and moon eclipse. It is an old belief that the lunar cycle effects are at the onset of revival. Therefore, there is a pack of doses and don'ts for pregnant women.

Chandra Grahan

Pregnant women are advised to stay indoors and not see the eclipse through the blue eyes. The belief that moon persecution can cause a few hormonal changes in the body of & # 39; e voting possibilities, the insanity, foolishness, etc. The mother should not be involved in any of the physical activity at the mouth, so it is said that they can get extreme and powerful which is not good for both mother and baby. The believers of these tutorials recommend black women to stay away from all sharp objects and also not to take in any shadows as an emergence in & # 39; e newborns.

Although there is no scientific evidence or evidence to regain this belief about the effects of a month's assessment on pregnant women and babies, however, there is no link to follow these suggestions for peace from a spirit . Pregnant women should use this opportunity to take maximum rest and learn in some therapeutic practices to deliver their inner peace and positive.

In & nbsp; the Indian culture, in & # 39; A lunar eclipse often followed people fast and could not find anything in their homes. Even the heavy women are advised to keep in the back, for believing that poison in poison is poisoning, not literally when it means it can cause nuisance. Eclipse is a bad omen and is said to bring negative negation, so people do not give in daily activities. Especially for pregnant women, the bells as a cross period are called there as they have to follow many restrictions. However, if someone feels uncomfortable or poor, they can use their quick break and food, which they buy with the sacred basil leaves.

Pregnant women can often feel a heavy hunger or lesser feeling. They can eat luscious fruits with sacred tulsi leaves to serve the bad. Sometimes pregnant women have weakness in their blood pressure at the bell and in such cases with coconut water to balance the electrolytes in the body is important. Since coconut has thick extra shells, it can control the harmful penalties that are being delayed at a mouth. Try to buy purchased foods, choose some raw vegetables and eat it as a salad. Pear, banana, apples are easy to bake. Try only in obsolescence and poor food. It is highly recommended to eat non-vegetarian foods, to cause dumb foods. It is believed that in & # 39; s redirection there are many changes that & # 39; t in & # 39; realize the environment, which impacts on bacterial growth in eating and causing stomach. Also, prevent outside food from behind, however, it may be contaminated and cause drowsiness and cramps.

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