Saturday , August 13 2022

The world's first smartphone to connect to a 5G network


GE, 5gNumerous companies around the world prepare to implement a fifth generation mobile network and prepare gadgets to work with 5G.

Shen Sheng, chairman of China branch of OPPO Brain, wrote in his Weibo social network that the smartphone manufactured by his company is the world's first website to connect to 5G network.

According to Chief Executive Officer, accessing the Internet for the first time through a fifth-generation network was completed with a revised pre-production version released earlier this year at OPPO R15.

While testing the specified device on his screen, there was an icon 5G and was able to load the website OPPO. The company plans to launch Serial Mobile for the 5th generation network for the first time.

The commercial launch of the 5G network and the emergence of the first smartphones to support this technology are expected in 2019.

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