Tuesday , January 25 2022

The Tetris effect has a remarkable Throwback Game Boy level.


My first game I owned Tetris Game Boy. I was sucked up then, and it is not too hot now. But almost 30 years later I got an opportunity to go back to that experience thanks to the 8-bit level. Tetris effect.

Tetris effectThe Game Boy level was first seen in the first weekly ritual of the game. Every week, players can work together to earn a global score that can be used to create new content and special events such as in-game avatars. This week's ritual includes levels that allow the player to revert to old-style visuals and sounds in effect mode, which is the non-narrative part of the game. There is a version of the iconic "Theme A" that responds to monochrome blocks and player input.

Since the weekly ceremony is over, the level is permanently released to anyone who reaches level 50. It's just over. Tetris effect Last night we ended up at level 50 in a novice environment, but our residents Tetris Monster Paul sat on the 32nd floor this morning. It may be a little grunt to unlock, but I hope you will see this version and more new levels as players.

I am eager to play at this level and earn big points for now. My grandmother was always great. Tetris. Now that I can look back at the classic look, I will be able to do that at last.

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