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The influence of climate on the number of drinkers and scientists


Теплота клімату впливає на кількість питущих людей, - вчені

Other latitudes have different levels of alcohol consumption.

A group of scientists from the United States, Mexico and Spain, Chronicle.info, said 193 countries and 50 US residents have investigated alcohol consumption and have bound the data according to climatic conditions.

In the coldest and the smallest areas, the percentage of the population drinking above was found.

According to scientists, more cases of cirrhosis associated with alcohol abuse have been recorded in cold regions. Alcohol consumption is also similar to death and disability levels.

Drinking habits are associated with the onset of acute and chronic 60 diseases, including various cancers and cirrhosis.

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh calculated the percentage of drinkers in 193 countries over the age of 15 under the map of Blanket Bataller. Over 30% of people consume more than 60 grams of pure ethanol.

Since the main climate variable for the country was the average annual temperature, we considered the average number of clear hours. A more detailed analysis was conducted for 50 states and 3144 districts.

The researchers found that the increase in mean temperature and clear time correlated with the amount of drinking per year (per-person Spearman coefficient -0.5 and -0.57). There was a significant correlation between the temperature and frequency of sunny weather, the number of drinkers, the temperature and frequency of sunny weather, and the number of cases of cirrhosis caused by alcoholism. The last parameter (patient rate) correlates with per capita alcohol intake.

Теплота клімату впливає на кількість питущих людей, - вчені

Warming from cold: a) 1 liter of alcohol per person b) annual temperature c)

The authors claim that they tried to consider all the side effects that could affect the level of the US drinking population, such as religion.

The reason for such a connection (which scientists believe to be the cause) may be different. I believe that alcohol is used as a means of vasodilation. Vasodilatation facilitates smooth muscle flow through the bloodstream and warming means.

Dependence is also related to the fact that it depends on the level of mental disorders, including depression, which is related to weather and alcoholism.

Regarding the recommended dosage, this year Alcohol Consumption released some scientific reviews and made suggestions for solving them. First, the researchers proposed to reduce the rate of 100 grams of ethyl alcohol for a week and completely eliminate the safety dose.


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