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The government aims to begin ministerial visits and include all supporters by mid-2020.


Singapore: Education Minister Onjek Kung announced Sunday Sunday (November 18th) that ministers will be more likely to visit the community on a monthly, weekly basis.

The government targets all districts by mid-2020.

In addressing the Housing and Development Board road show, Ong said: "Given the current momentum, we want to accomplish everything in almost a year, a year and a half.

"The idea is to spend a lot of time with our constituencies as politicians (POHs), but as young workers and POHs, we actually need to get out of our precincts and meet the residents outside our precincts.

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"Then you can better understand how other people in Singapore feel."

Eugene Tan, a law professor at Singapore Management University, says the increase in visits is not surprising and shows that the People's Action Party (PAP) is moving equipment and moving toward elections.

He sees this visit as a way for fourth generation leaders to expand their participation.

Last week, during the PAP Central Executive Committee election, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong proposed that he could only move forward two years in the next general election.

Regarding criticism that these community visits are for "shows," Ong said skepticism is part of politics and "can not help."

"Keep walking, talk to the people and let them hear their opinions." "Resolve the problem and continue to act, regardless of criticism."

He also said the visit was progressing informally and organically rather than on stage and plan.

"Sometimes the people are shocked." Why is your minister here? "But in that way, you think you have a much more authentic interaction. The more natural you hear, the more accurately you reflect how the land works."

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In 2016 Minister Ong was appointed Chairman of the People's Council Advisory Committee for the Ministerial Meeting. He proposed a new format by pastors and POH teamed up in various regions of the precinct.

Residents who spoke with Channel NewsAsia were mixed.

Some have seen the increase in interactions that welcome the movement and are helpful to the population.

Sembawang resident Kelvin Lee (30) said, "Most importantly, we will have a one-on-one session with ministers and they can give feedback on how to improve the area."

"At least we can make decisions about future development. By interacting with the people in the mouth of the horse, they will know what is going on," said Joseph Foo, 47, a Woodlands resident.

But others questioned the effectiveness of weekly visits and whether they could solve the problem.

Xavier Ang (30), a resident of Sembawang, said, "Some of the smaller issues can be solved, but more visits will be needed if the larger issues such as transport connectivity are not resolved."

Lee Zhen Lin, 32, said, "There is no significant difference in strengthening visits in the short term, and it will take at least two years to see the results."

He added: "On earth, it shows you are listening to us, but it will not be so fast to see change," he said.

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