Tuesday , November 30 2021

The earth comes to another big asteroid


The earth is again a large asteroidScientists estimate that the planet itself has a collision with this object.

NASA experts have said that on November 25 at midnight (00:14) to our planet come an asteroid the size of Ben's big London. The distance between the body and the earth will be 5.8 million kilometers.

Object codenamed WB105 has a diameter of 53-120 meters. The lip width is equal to 123 meters, almost 1.3 times more than the statue of Liberty. Deleting is at the speed of 18.88 km / s.

Asteroids are a few times in the eighteenth century. the ground. Many burns in the atmosphere, but not everything. Things that hit the earth, causing a great deal of damage. To run the Chelyabinsk meteorite with a diameter of 20 meters. Lea may increase easily from Earth's entire face. In addition, in some cases, spatial objects will be dropped and a dead tsunami can be expressed.

Fortunately, WB105 is not dangerous to humans, such as flying through our planet at a distance. 5.8 million km is 15 months. Approach to observed asteroid scientists learn to identify dangerous and safe body.

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