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The doctor explained why he always wanted to eat and sleep.


Врачи объяснили, почему после еды всегда хочется спать

Lowering energy levels after meals is called postprandial drowsiness.Depending on when and how you eat, you may experience fatigue after eating.

Experts say that the body is tired after eating because it produces more serotonin.

This substance plays an important role in controlling sleep and mood. Amino acid tryptophan also helps in the production of serotonin. Tryptophan can be found in salmon, eggs, homemade chicken, spinach, milk, bean products and cheese.

Food increases blood sugar levels and lowers energy. Lowering energy levels after meals is called postprandial drowsiness.

Another reason people feel sleepy after eating can be bad digestion. Foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins make people feel more tired. There is a high carbohydrate content found in pasta, rice, white bread, confectionery, confectionary, and more.

Fatigue after ingestion, lack of sleep at night, and factors that help to drink with food. The study found late night and evening suppers to be more sleepy at four in the morning than those who did not.

You can take a short walk for digestion to prevent fatigue after a meal. Stimulates and reduces feelings of drowsiness. It is also important to have enough sleep. People sleeping at least seven hours a night are unlikely to lose energy and are tired during the day.

We recommend frequent meals. Instead of eating large portions, there are products that easily maintain energy levels for hours. Fruit, vegetables, often consuming leafy vegetables that contain fiber essential for digestion.

The researchers claimed that fatigue after eating is a natural reaction of the body and should not cause people to feel uneasy.

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