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The 'Dead Walker' is adding more Easter eggs to the new retrofit credit.


"The Walking Dead" got away to leave Rick Glam's loss, Mag (stayed with Geogie without making a new community), and Daryl's hair anyway. At least one terminal member of Season 9: Opening credits that are slowly broken down.

For the longest time, the opening title did not seem to make it. Since Season 1, the logo at the end of the sequence has continued to decline. At first it worked well, but at some point it will disappear completely. Is that correct?

"Or it will be rebuilt," executive producer David Alpert told me at the San Diego Comic-Con during the summer.

And here we are. In Season 9, "The Walking Dead" redefines the opening credits thanks to Huge Designs' design company, which provides an ending logo that exchanges new animation sequences and disassembly for some of the new greens.

"that is [showrunner Angela Kang] Very early stage. The new series is & # 39; New Start & # 39; and I wanted to say that from the start. "Said Paul McDonnell, animator of the gigantic design.

In Andrew Lincoln's email interview with HuffPost, McDonnell and designer Tamsin McGee, as well as producers of title sequences such as Kang and producer "Walking Dead" Ryan DeGard, described some of the hidden Easter eggs in the sequence.

But first, if you plan to hunt for them all, good luck. According to DeGard, there is more.

"[Fans] Where do you have a 100% complete handle? [all the Easter eggs are] It would be very impressive! "He said," As you plan to add some more over time, can you keep it? "

In fact, Season 9 will be updated throughout the season to ask if the title will change in Season 10.

"We're already doing a few more changes for season nine, but we'll be extending one season at a time!" She said.

Through email discussions, the group did not remotely answer spoiler-asked questions, but it showed that the credit reflected the timely changes to include images of helicopters and graveyards. This season's story. We saw the helicopter used in the last episode of Rick Grimes. Can other graveyard moments still come?

"Walking Dead" has a similar title sequence since Season 1. What inspires you behind the new design? How did it evolve?

Search: The main point needed for the title to communicate was the sense of being born out of death … Nature continued. At first I saw a comic book, especially a "new beginning", for visual reference. We have a special image that is visually meaningful. Alexandria is a kind of utopian farmhouse with horses, livestock and vegetable fields. Of course the windmill. We liked the concept of this community's heaven and the contrast of fear that exists beyond the walls. Stylistically, we looked at westerns like low angles, bumpy terrain, and big, big skies. Alexandria completely reminded the isolated 19th Century Frontier village, and much of the image was influenced by the symbolic West, such as hanging trees, skulls and horses. Another influence was the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. His main themes are generally related to death and resurrection of decomposition and death.

How did you work with Angela to create a new sequence?

McGeeTone was really important. We tended to be too bleak and messy. AMC encouraged to push the elements of emerging nature and hope and get the balance and message right.

The most enjoyable part of the process was that we really felt that Angela could fully participate in the concept and trust us from the very beginning. It gave us great confidence in our love and the making of something. If the animation is pretty much over, the process of adding an "Easter egg" has begun. We will send a reference to the object through multiple emails, then Paul will create the email and hide it in the sequence. Fixing the "hidden" level took a lot of time.

I know that I can not reveal too much about Easter eggs, but there are some questions. What is your inclusion process? Did you place them wherever they could go? Or do you achieve a specific purpose?

River Angela: Our post producer Ryan DeGard came up with an idea for a symbolic object hidden with Easter eggs. AMC wanted to maintain continuity through previous iterations of the main title, which seemed to be a really fun and creative way.

Ryan DiGiard: In last week's title, the symbolic item of the show played a big role. It seemed that our show best met the symbolic image. As soon as you see it, you will know who the item represents or what is bundled. I thought of including these things in different ways. [stuff] Do not miss items such as Negan 's bat' Lucan 'or Daryl' s original motorcycle like Abraham 's dog tag in a blink of an eye. It was a fun way for viewers to really get into the main title and enjoy it. Look at what's in each corner of the frame for something new.

I have always enjoyed the fact that it will always change depending on the use of the map's "throne of the game" and the location used in the performance. I always thought it was a fun way to keep the viewer's gaze on the beautiful main title and let him know the possibility of ending that week.

Do you think the fans found all Easter eggs at this point?

River: I do not know! But many of them are buried quite well. There is a key that describes where all the single objects are located, and some of them are hard to find again.

Also – is one particular one – Glen / Hassel's pocket watch hanging on a cross grave?

RiverYes, at the top of Glen's Hill on the cemetery. Maggie put on a watch before taking it back later.

RIP Glenn.


RIP Glenn.

Some of the images apparently seem to be very closely related to Season 9. How do you tell the title sequence to the Season 9 story?

River: We are not too much into a particular storyline and are trying to imply the subject of the title of the season. It is the time of reconstruction and the impact of nature and environment on the hero is what we explore. The hangman's snare on the barn nodded not only on the western atmosphere of the season, but also on the special occasion of the premiere. Helicopters will learn more about this season, but what I like from a design perspective is that the boundary between nature and the West is so clearly juxtaposed with something in the industrial age.

Did some of the original images change later?

McGeeThe title did not change a huge amount on the original board. Plot elements peeked at what we did not know – for example, graveyards and helicopters. Both have been removed and replaced by more relevant scenes. We had a rusty old VW beetle that became Daryl's bike. And we really looked at Alexandria adding the shed time lapse. And the windmill had two coats of paint! And we changed eagles to crows.

What does it have to do with the crow?

Paul McDonnell: Crows represent many things. They are rotten meat-eating people, loving the flesh, and hanging out with murderers, so they can represent Walker. They are also considered a pioneer of death and symbolize ominous fortune and change. They also represent the reproduction of the natural world for humans. As nature continues through Season 9, more and more birds can be seen in the sky.

If you knew it was Rick Grimes's last season, how did it affect the title?

RiverIn some ways it was not. Rick's exit is a massive story line in one of the gigantic storyline seasons, and the title really had to work for the entire season.

What secrets are hidden about titles that you think are funny or funny?

McDonnell: Close-up Walker's Eyes [Huge Designs’ director Hugo Moss’] Snow after a heavy night. We often try to put ourselves in our sequence, and we shoot the green screen for the final crowd, but Walker's move was not enough to make the cut.

This interview was edited for clarity and length.

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