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Soccer: Picasso raises defense against Barca after Becca's shock


Barcelona defender Gerard Pique admitted Sunday that Rival Betis had a problem with porous defense after La Liga leaders lost 4-3 to Real Betis. For the first time, I lost four times in the Nou Camp. 15 years.

Soccer Football – Real Riga Santander – FC Barcelona v Real Betis – Camp Nou, Barcelona, ​​Spain – Real Betty in action with Gerard Peak of Barcelona on November 11, 2008 Loren Moron REUTERS / Albert Gea

The Spanish national team, however, acknowledged that all defenders had to improve, and vowed not to worry about the team's plate.

Barca went ahead 2-0 in the first half. Lionel Messi recovered from injury and scored two goals and Arturo Vidal scored for the Catalan players, but Betis was the first to win Barca in the Nou Camp after Alaves in September 2016.

Pike told reporters, "We know there is a problem and we recognize more goals than we have long admired."

"With the attacking philosophy, few teams will recognize a minimum goal, but we know we have to improve," he said.

Despite Sunday's defeat, Barca still remains at the top of his list and is at once defeated by Atletico Madrid, Alves and Sevilla. It has the worst defense record among the league's top seven teams.

Barca scored 18 goals in 12 league games. There are 13 teams in La Liga.

"It's not a personal thing, it's a group problem, we have to focus on it and work together," Pique said.

"This is the basic content we know and that we talked about. Today we faced a very aggressive team and had to take risks.

"I think we need to defend all of us to improve. Sometimes we do not have to go all the way to the press, and if we leave a lot of gap between the line and the team, there will be many counterattacks against us.

"For example, today, we had to stop the first goal by fouls."

Barca dropped five points from five out of 12 games this season and scored four points in the second half of the game. But Piquet said he should not be concerned about the team's form.

"Theoretically we've found that it's harder to win a team smaller than us, but I think it's sporadic and will not happen all year," he said.

"Our fans are relaxed and we are the best players in the league, and this year our opponent's level has risen.

"The team has bigger budgets and better players, and the competition is more intense for the crowd."

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