Thursday , August 11 2022

Scientists have found fundamentally new ways of storing energy.


Ученые открыли принципиально новый метод накопления энергии

Discovery can be a breakthrough in alternative energy.

The most important disadvantage of alternative energy (renewable energy) is that effective savings are impossible, and according to on Esoreiter, windmills and solar panels are impossible (or rather difficult).

But now Swedish scientists seem to have found a solution, at least in relation to solar energy.

They learned the energy to turn into liquid energy. Liquid energy can be stored for more than 20 years. The researchers were able to create a unique molecule composed of hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen, which changes with the influence of sunlight and transforms the molecule into an isomer (star energy).

In the future, this unique storage in liquid form is not only easy and difficult to store solar energy, but also does not cause problems in the form of heat. For this isomer, it is sufficient to put it in a special catalyst.

Another advantage of this drive is that it is stored at room temperature.

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