Sunday , March 26 2023

Samsung Electronics show developers mobile phone foldable


Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, based in San Francisco, San Francisco, unveiled a folding phone on Wednesday that is looking forward to San Francisco developers. I have yet to release the product to the Android programmer.

Samsung also unveiled a new flexible mobile screen technology for foldable mobile phones, called infinity flex displays.

Foldable phones promise to be a much more compact device that allows consumers to do more complex tasks that they can usually do on tablets and laptops.

The goal is to get important feedback because there is a new technology that developers need to tweak their apps so that they can run smoothly when the phone is folded into tablets.

Dave Burke, vice president of engineering for android, said Wednesday at Google's conference, "We are looking forward to a breakthrough product from several Android manufacturers with an exciting concept.

"We are already working closely with Samsung on new devices to ship early next year," Burke said.

The initial look for developers also adds a new level of attention to product planning after the costly return on Galaxy Note 7, which is a fire-prone in 2016.

(Edited by Jane Lanhee Lee, Munsif Vengattil, Paresh Dave, Patrick Graham and Maju Samuel)

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