Wednesday , June 7 2023

Randy Orton Troll AJ style after WWE Championship defeat


WWE champion AJ Styles' 371-day reign ended on Tuesday night when Daniel Bryan hit him with a low blow for the Running Knee finisher and pin.

Randy Orton was not afraid of having fun with fellow wrestlers in social media. Wednesday I raised the style under the style of Twitter.

"Otten told James Ellsworth:" I am GOAT in that particular game, but I can not play 11th in the traditional #SurvivorSeries game. "And (AJ Styles) had fruit.

Between Tuesday night and the many scenes he shot in a dispute with Shinsuke Nakamura, the style had a pretty bad luck with a low blow in 2018.

Bryan kept silent after winning the championship, kneeling behind the stage over his shoulder, ignoring the interview with Meanwhile, Styles reacted on Wednesday afternoon.

"The fact that you become a true champion, a rule, and a champion is that someone can beat you," Styles wrote. "But the title acquisition is more than just a victory and a loss, and you are about being a man, Daniel showed us last night, a receipt will come."

According to Wrestling observerBryan of Dave Meltzer has campaigned to turn his heels behind the stage. By Tuesday Vince McMahon finally agreed to that.

Meltzer said Tuesday that "heel turn was decided this afternoon." "Basically, Vince says," Do everything in a day and make the most of it. "Now the odd part is how much time did Brock Lesnar spend saying that he was the ultimate heel? Daniel Bryan to Lesnar Daniel Bryan should be a baby face, but he is the heel. Logically, maybe heel should match again. [Bryan] I go to this game with Bay City Pace. Whatever they are going to do, play. "

Now that he has become a WWE Champion, Bryan has won the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar Survivor Series In a non-title match at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday.

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