Friday , August 12 2022

Plus-sized model Ashley Graham shows off her back in a hot pink swimsuit.


American plus size model Ashley Graham shared a snapshot with fans and followers, inspired by a recent sexy vintage in the popular social media Instagram.

Reminiscent of a spirit of earlier times, Graham can be seen in the image of a hot pink swimsuit hugging her curvaceous scarcity with little imagination. The wide cutouts around the thigh and back reveal the perfect skin that shows the confidence of the model.

Graham's choice of accessories has enhanced this confidence. The cover model wore a retro roller skate wearing bright socks. The skate itself is painted in bright turquoise with bright pink straps and matches the color of the sea spray of the Volkswagen Microbus in the 1960s. Large, wide bills with white headbands and a clear plastic plate complete the look with a more detailed depiction of the skimming motif. Surfboards that match the beach, orange and white tones can be seen in the van exiting the vehicle's sunroof. A blank equipment rack is attached to the roof.

The gray shade that makes up part of the picture suggests that the sun did not get particularly wet, despite the composition of her costume and image, but the background is a sandy beach. The naked light bulb straps help to capture the important focus of the snapshot, and the lonely figures on the street are all covered in black, leaving an interesting note in the image.

Fans of larger size models for social media also seem to have been attracted to the photos. Since I lived, the image has over 348,000 likes and over 1,600 comments. Graham gave her "thigh eyebrows" (the wrinkles between the thighs and hips) and her fans noticed and showered the model with praise in the comments section.

The user peytoncjones said, "Yesss thigh brow!" And you are so cute! "This photo is a perfect combination of modern and modern harmony," while the account by orchids_and_sunsets picks up what Graham is putting down. ! "

Ashley Graham recently announced a headline on a series of provocative scenes that she recently shared with Instagram. Religious judge. It is clear that the world-renowned model is completely confident in her and her appearance, but her fans and followers want to see Graham's next unknown project.

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