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Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019 today: India Timing, Facts, everything you need to know

Stargazers will witness a partial eclipse on July 16 and July 17, with residents in India showing the heavenly event on July 17. Partial-lunar eclipse, as its name determines, finds itself as the shadow of earth only a small part of & # 39; The month and as a result, only a small part of the month appears. The next month's eclipse will be the last to fit in 2019 and it will be visible in a majority of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. The timing of this month's eclipse is as interesting as it serves with the 50th anniversary of the start of Apollo 11 mission that the first people at & # 39; launched a month. Here is everything you need to know about party researchers in the month of 2019.

2019 shared month eclipse date, time

If mentioned above, the party moon celebration will be visible in a majority of Asian peoples, including India. The residents who live in the western and central regions of India see the full event, while in & # 39; eastern region & # 39; s live in moonlight part time & # 39; see our hours.

The month will arrive in IST on July 17th at 12:13 pm the penumbra will arrive in the IST region at 1:31 am. The intensity of the party moon solitude will be highest (the time when the largest crown of one month by the earth will be accused of its shadow and thus will be dark) at 3:00 am Indian time.

The month will be the ombra region at 4:29 am IST, which will also mark the end of one of the party-sharing window. The month will close the tile town at 5:47 hours IST, as per NASA's data. The total eclipse will be 2 hours, 57 minutes and 56 seconds.


Show NASA's directory from & # 39; s world from which & # 39; t the invisibility will be visible
Photo Credit: NASA

July 16 Partial Lunar Eclipse: Facts and Figures

As mentioned above, the shared moonlight will be visible on July 17 (July 16 in some regions of the world), the last month – plausible or global – in 2019 barre. The only other moon climate in this year was recorded in January witness and it was a full moon month.

How for July 17 for a party moonflip, then the syllabus use will be 1,7037 and the share is 0.653. As per the eclipse card issued by NASA, the event will not be seen in North America and Greenland.

What is a sublime eclipse?

When the earth arrives in the month between the moon and the sun and the shadow over the month decides, increasing its source of light and making parts of the dark, the event is changed into a moonlight. When the month is completed by the shadow of the Earth, it is called a full moon, but only a small part of & # 39; a month's darkness is due to an incomplete overlap, it is called a shared mouth-shaped eclipse.

Special meaning of one month's eclipse 2019

The common morning is tomorrow a special for people in India as it marks a deal coming after 149 years. The Guru Purnima conducted in India will be the same day as the upcoming party subculture for the first time after a team of 149 years. And if you believe in astrology, this event can be of particular religious significance.

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