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Most cases in the past weeks emergence with 116 cases so far this year: MOH

SINGAPORE: The number of measles cases in Singapore has increased last week with 17 cases occurring at two separate locations, said the Ministry of Public Health (MOH) in a media version on Tuesday (July 23).

This brings the total number of measles cases this year to 116 as of July 22, the ministry said.

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Although there is currently no evidence for spreading the community in these new cases, MOH said it took precautionary measures to prevent further redistribution.

"This includes the faxing of close contacts that have no evidence of vaccination as well as immunity, and close supervision of close contact health," said MOH, adding that all suspected measles cases are isolated.

MOH said that in all cases this year 88 were local and 28 were imported from Bangladesh, Dubai, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

No dead have been reported this year as a result of these cases.


MOH said it was raised on July 7 for the height of a suspected masculine case at MINDSville @ Napiri home in Lorong Napiri 7, a residential property for intellectually impaired people.

The resident had developed symptoms on 29 June and received ambulatory treatment on 1 and 5 July.

After testing positive for measles on 9 July, the resident was hospitalized, MOH said. She has since been released and is no longer infected.

Thirteen other cases were then reported on MOH from July 19 to 22, and patients were immediately isolated and treated.

The confirmed cases include 12 residents and two employees, said MOH. Six of the inhabitants were eventually admitted to hospital, one of whom was fired and is no longer infected.

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MOH said that they were aware of the first case, they advised the house about improved infection prevention and control measures.

"Staff and residents were reminded to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, and staff were asked to wear gloves and protective equipment when they have symptomatic residents."

The house was also advised to check residents and staff closely for symptoms and to seek medical treatment for them if they are not good, said MOH.

At July 22, all residents and employees of the home were not provided with evidence of vaccination for measles the Maximization, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccination, added MOH.

The ministry said that all residents would be checked for symptoms before leaving the house for medical appointments or for other activities.


On July 15, an MOH was reported on a case of measles infection in S11 Dormitory @ Punggol which involved one Indian worker.

Two other cases of measles in which Bangladesh and Indian workers were from the same bedroom were later reported to MOH.

All three workers were hospitalized and have since been evacuated and are no longer infected, adding MOH.

Although facsimile history is unclear, the Bangladesh worker had recently arrived from his home country.

The other two cases, however, had no recent travel history.

"The three cases live in different blocks in the bedroom and are made by several companies, working on different sides," said MOH.

"They do not report contact with sick people. Until now, they have not identified any links between the three cases," said the ministry, adding that investigations continued.

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Beginning July 22, 50 close contacts, including room attendants and associates, have been identified and faxed.

Other residents on the same floor as the infectious persons, who also have no evidence of vaccination or immunity, will also be vaccinated.

"MOH works with companies to carry out screening and faxing of all the close contacts of the three cases that have no evidence of vaccination or immunity," the ministry said.

It has advised companies to closely monitor the health of identified close contacts and seek immediate medical treatment if they are not good.

Faxing of all identified contacts is expected to end in & # 39; week will be completed.


In the release, MOH demanded Singaporeans to wait, for knife cases around the world to have substantially increased.

"As a travel hub, Singapore is likely to see increased import cases.

"MOH has warned GPs to be on the lookout for measles cases, especially in patients who have recently traveled abroad or are not" "faxed, and to MOH immediately to report, "it said.

Masps is a highly transmissible viral disease among unvaccinated persons, with an infectious period of as soon as four days before the onset of lachc impact to four days after.

MOH repeats to the public that the most effective way to prevent muscle infection is to vaccinate.

After a previous case of measles reported in two other bedrooms last month, MOH said no further cases were reported.

On June 27, two Bengali workers in Toh Guan Dormitory and three Bengali workers staying at Sungei Tengah Lodge have contracted measles.

"MOH has shut down from all close contacts of eight eight cases," said the ministry.

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