Friday , July 30 2021

More than 1,000 Jet Airways pilots are unable to flee from unpaid salaries from Monday

NEW DELHI: More than a thousand pilots of India's imaginary Jet Airways will not fly Monday, because they haven't paid as much as they've been for the past three months, Princess of the National Aviators Guild said on Sunday .

With more than 1.2 million US dollars of bank clothing, weekday aviation has been swept and has again raised about $ 217 million from its borrowers as part of a rescue arrangement that ends March voted.

"Pilots have not been paid for the last three months," said Karan Chopra Reuters.

The crisis at Jet has deepened in late weeks as borrowers started starting & # 39; e shares from aircraft, which makes the signals from & # 39; a better bailout has failed its interests.

An urgent meeting to be held from & # 39; a jet situation was held in & # 39; a prime minister of the prime minister, who was also visited by the aviation secretary, Pradeep Singh Kharola.

After the meeting, Kharola said that the carrier had money to pay 6-7 aircraft over the weekend and afterwards the lenders would decide how much jet could fly after Monday month, news channel ET reported late on Friday.

Kharola says the company will meet Monday bankers for fund infusion in & # 39; between, the TV channel said.

According to a Business Standard newspaper report on Sunday, Jet & # 39; s lenders, led by the State Bank of India, consider proposing to deposit 10 billion rupees (US $ 144.55 million) to stop the airline .

The money is expected to leave after Jet's administration gives an operating plan on how to make use of the money for May 7.

The leaders, who have a new investor to take a lease of up to 75 percent in an airline, hope to have the option of completing the bid selection until May 7.

Initial bids had to be included in & # 39; one end of & # 39; April 10, but SBI extended the term to April 12.

Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways, which has a 24-prime state in the airline, private financial intermediary TPG Capital, government-sponsored pagan fund National Investment and Infrastructure Fund and wounded chairman Naresh Goyal are among those # 39; t have events, reported the Business Standard.

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