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Listen to a private jet for your next Singapore vacation for as low as $ 363 the aviator, Lifestyle, Travel News

Traveling the next step up at & # 39; the first or business classes is your own private jet.

Now you can live the empire of "Seeing Rich Girlfriend" (the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians), calling for your own aircraft for a small shop in Paris or near countries.

Although it comes with a price sheet, add all the benefits of a regular & # 39; a habit and not a control. Also forget about online flights with these private jet companies in Singapore.

Your next flight from Singapore can be as easy as booking a Grab ride or changing a new luxury car every month.


Wingsoverasia has lined aviation with more than 50 years of combined experience.

The company is more than 15 years old for all types of private aircraft and flights are available for each other around the world.

ClubWOA members start with an annual subscription of $ 1,200 (social membership) up to $ 2,400 (base membership) which you & # 39; ll access to the lockers, cycle routes, pilot flight plans, flight services and exclusive social events.


MyJet Asia is based on Singapore and has a 24-hour training program that can "& nbsp; travel" anywhere, at any time on their private jet choice ".

It has a collection of aircraft to make a group of every size, including mid-sized jets, big jets and long-row jets. The company will also try to plan seamlessly at the destination at the planning of the route.

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One thing that is good about private jets is that they can quickly move to cities that aren't covered by commercial airlines.

Astonjet is one of such private jet providers that has access to 5,000 over destinations. You will return from € 950 ($ 1,452) up to four passengers per flight hour.

Fast math: that seems $ 363 per passenger, per flight hour.

If you are great at how safe it is to travel on a private jet, Singapore Airlines has offered the company to more closely match their connecting flights to get to the closest airport of its choice.


Excluding Jet Asia (EJA) strives for more flexibility and competitive pricing than other private jet companies in a sector.

There is a spread of jets that serve every budget and purpose. The aircraft can be set up as an hourly prior notice.

PHOTO: Exclusive Jet Asia

First dream of having a private jet? EJA has a fractional proprietary program where you can have one 1/6 of a private jet for US $ 800,000 ($ 1.08 million), which you can use for 70 hours free of charge in the first year.


Directory has four different travel profiles for traveling profile, from middle jets that are preferred for travel in Asia, to ultra-long row jets that bring you from Singapore to London.

The VIP airliners can take up to 20 to 36 passengers who have "top-in" flights and offer a wide variety of services.


From a six-seater to 15 seater charter, Singapore Air Charter includes a comprehensive fleet of jets and services that are successful for your round and need.

You can bring your pet yourself on a holiday without restricting your furkid in any keys.

For special features, Singapore Air Charter offers "non-branded" aircraft where companies can make their branding on power uniforms and onboard supplies.



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