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Kim Min Gwi Responds to Ex-Girlfriend’s Accusations of Violating Her Cheating and Quarantine Restrictions

Actor Kim Min Gwi, who is currently appearing in the JTBC drama “Yet”, has released a statement in response to a post uploaded online by someone claiming to be his ex-girlfriend.

On July 24, someone shared a post online titled “I will reveal the truth behind a male actor in the drama” [‘Nevertheless’]. “Although the poster only mentioned the drama by the initials, it was discovered that the post refers to Kim Min Gwi.

The poster (hereinafter referred to as “A”) claimed that she was the ex-girlfriend of Kim Min Gwi and that they were six years old. She claimed that while they were dating, he went to nightclubs, had one night stand and cheated on her with several other women. In addition, “A” said that Kim Min Gwi was once classified as a close contact of a COVID-19 case, which meant he had to remain in self-quarantine, but he had violated the quarantine restrictions to deceive her again. She also said he had not told her he was first in close contact with a COVID-19 case.

“A” also claimed that when Kim Min Gwi was caught cheating, he had asked her to lie to him and say that she was his ex-girlfriend, because his model contacts all thoughts of the other woman as his current girlfriend. She also said that after she broke up with Kim Min Gwi she had contacted the other woman with whom he had cheated on her, and he had responded by swearing to her and asking if she intended to kill him now. that he found success,

“A” wrote, “The person who has been mooched for the past six years was you. When I asked you what would happen if people found out about your bad deeds, you coolly replied that it was your personal life and you would not be afraid to work as an actor afterwards, so I could do what I wanted.I wonder if the people reading this think the same as you and still want you to appear on TV.I’m curious about that too. “I want you to be a little more aware of what other people think, to reflect on your actions, and even to regret what you did to me. Do not hesitate to contact me about taking this message.”

As evidence of her claims, “A” shared several photos she had taken with Kim Min Gwi along with records of her text messages.

On July 26, the office of Kim Min Gwi, Big Picture Entertainment, released the following statement:

First, we apologize for the negative news about our artist, Kim Min Gwi. We ask for your understanding of the background of this statement, because we had to check the facts first.

Kim Min Gwi admits he did wrong in the parts regarding his personal life. He feels sincerely apologetic towards the other person he is hurting with his immature actions and judgments and he is in deep self-reflection. He also apologizes for causing public concern about this issue.

It is not true that Kim Min Gwi violated the restrictions of the self-quarantine regarding COVID-19. On May 22, he was informed that he was a close contact and he went into quarantine at his home. During his self-quarantine he felt signs of symptoms and he was tested and got a positive result. He went to treatment and is currently fully recovered.

First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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