Wednesday , June 7 2023

Keita says Liverpool will do a great job.


Keita showed a glimpse of the promise during the first few weeks of the season but has not yet found the form that won him at RB Leipzig.

The Tunisian midfielder was disappointed by a hamstring injury that deflected him for a month.

Galbi, who played with Keita in Salzburg, Austria, believes he will prove his talent in the Premier League at the age of 23.

Senegal's winger Managua told Premier League productions: "He is a great player and a young player.

"When he came, he surprised everyone because he knew me, but he did not believe me, I'm sure he will do great things for us.

"Now he's back with the team and we are glad to have him. I look forward to seeing him helping the team."

Liverpool have been able to avoid all 12 loser matches in the league this season.

Mane gave the player a burden to raise his level.

"We did not play as we could, but we have to work our best to the best of our ability and move on to a better individual look," he said.

"We can do better, which is part of football, we like to do better for teams and clubs.

"We made a better start than last season, and now we have an important game and we will do our best," he said.

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