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Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon explode + continue to augment Rachel fans on the first official issue

The first official problem for Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon, former Burning Sun attacker Kim Kim, Mr. Heo, and Mr. Kwon took place on July 16 at 2:10 pm. KST at the center of Seoul.

Jung Joon Young was first recorded with the resistance of a special law for punishment of & # 39; e sexual offenses (filming and dissemination of illegally performed footage), which he has access to. Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon, and other members of her chat room were set up with increased rape, and the official problem for these judgments began on July 16.

Mr. Kim said: "I deserve to be the victims, and I reflect myself. [However,] There are some parts [to the charges]. I would like to make something clear about what I am wrong with the court. "Jung Joon Young indicated that he felt the same.

Jung Joon's lawyer argued: "We are releasing the last ones related to illegal filming, but he has not done a quasi-rape or plan to do so with the other climbers. The sexual activity you & # 39 have it was found, was agreed, and the victim was not unconscious and unable to resist. The conversation of KakaoTalk is not valid evidence that it has been illegally obtained. "

Choi Jong Hoon's lawyer said: "What the Choi Jong Hoon assignment as an individual has, he strikes the victim in one of the verandas, but he does not have a strong embrace or heart. What the allowances on & # 39; a group was, the climbers were not plot together, and the victim was not in a position to not request. [Choi Jong Hoon’s] Mom, there was no feeling. There is a small difference from Jung Joon Young's witness. Even if it were sexual activities, it did not succeed at that time, it did not resist the victim. "

Choi Jong Hoon said, "I want to get a scandal. However, I have not been grossly abducted or have an unspoken sexual activity with [the victim]. [I] also never plan [anything of the sort]. "

A second problem will be kept private on August 19th. The victims will be instructed to become witnesses.

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